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# Name:      Bernice Gathoga

# E-mail:

# Address:  Kenya , Nakuru

# Phone:    +254724708575

# Seen at:   Yahoo

# Dangerous: 37%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: with this women I had 3 years with instant communicatio by e-mail phone messenger and we suppose to meet, also i feelt very much for her as she seems so real and true, she did asked me for financial help and under those 3 years I guess the amount that she got is about 1500 euros, just recently I did understand she fool me, she said she go to region in her country (kenya) for new work and she said there where no network so we couldnt talk for 3 months, I start to doubt her and when I checked her last e-mail and ip adress it was sent from Germany, she got 3 moths visa to visit German man its not hard to understand and when I told her by e-mail what I have found out I havent heard from her since, anyway I just want others to know what kind of woman she is also how mey others can it be? and for the one she is visiting, does he know this about her... probobly not.. thanks to all who make those web sites possible it? so much sh-t going around on this net so I know I never going to get involved with anyone anymore.

# Date: 2008-07-27
money sent with WU in her name Bernice Njeri Gathoga

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