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# Name:      Dairu Mubarak

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ghana , Accra

# Phone:    23345665799

# Seen at:   Usearchlocal , Yahoo

# Dangerous: 22%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: She contacted me, saying that she had seen my add on Usearchlocal,( my add was very little,no photos or other information )She asked if I had ever dated anyone from a dating add, this told me what was about to happen. I enjoy playing along, just to see if these "Scammers" have come up with anything new. She had paid money to join Ushearch, this was so she could e-mail me and get my e-mail address and get put on my "messenger" that I use with Yahoo. We would only spend about a hour a day chatting on Yahoo and within a few days she had fallen in love and was ready to come to the USA. The only thing was she needed to renew her passport and get a visa, but as sad as it was she didnt have the money to do any of this.( same "OLD" story ) "If I could somehow "Help" her with these things and send her some money. It was only $200.00 bucks for the passport and the visa would be the same. I did ask her about if she had a web cam, and to this she said that hers had just broken the week befor. She was only asking for 400.00 bucks but I did better and said I would also send enough so she could get a new camera too, total: $800.00bucks. I could just tell this person was sitting there saying to themselfs "This is too easy". If I was going to wire any money I would have to have all the information I could get from her. This was needed to give to western union, just to make sure it got to the right person. Humm....Who "Scamed" who ????

# Date: 2008-06-01

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