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# Name:      Anzhela Ermolaeva

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Yoshkar - Ola

# Seen at:   DateMeFree

# Dangerous: 27%

# Scam scenarios:   money for travel

# Details: Usual ticket scam after a few short mails has fallen in love and wants to be with you - only one problem she has a small salary and needs financial support from you to buy the tickets etc. Total cost ?éČ1,120

# Date: 2008-05-18
Hi my new friend!

Today I received your first letter. I am very glad it to see from you.
I have a desire will better get acquainted with you,
and to learn about you as much as possible.
I ask you that wrote to me, it is as much as possible letters.
And in the letters told about themselves and about the life more.
As I wish you to ask, that you have sent me even one photo.
I wish to see your person and your appearance. I shall send you the photos.
Now I to you shall a little tell about myself that you knew who I such.
My name Anzhela, my surname Ermolaeva.
Now to me of full 26 years. I was born on September, 15th, 1981.
I was born in small city which refers to Cheboksary.
My city is in the center of Russia. It very small, therefore is not present it on a card.
Till now I live in this city. Also I do not gather yet where to leave.
My city very beautiful, especially in the winter it is fine.
I live together with the father in a two-room apartment in the center of the city.
I do not have either brothers, or sisters. I one daughter in family.
To me very painfully to speak, but I do not have mum. It has died.
I do not have computer of the house! I should write to you letters from the Internet of cafe.
I work in children's city hospital.
My trade the children's doctor. I already for a long time have grown fond of children.
Here therefore I have chosen this trade. And now every day I help children.
But I while do not have children. But I wish to have the child.
I at all do not know, how many I wish to give birth to children.
But one I know precisely! I love children!
For all life I did not meet any man which I could grow fond.
During already many time I even do not have friend.
I could not find in my city to myself worthy the man.
But often happens, that men try to look after me.
But I refuse to all of them at once. Because they do not like me.
Now I have decided to try to find the the man in the Internet.
To me my girlfriend has advised it to make. I have decided to try.
During free time from work I like to read romantic books.
To which it is written about love. As I like to read ridiculous books.
Sometimes houses I listen to music which calms me.
Happens, that I with girlfriends I go to theatre, cinema or a museum.
At me many good girlfriends, with the majority from which I work in hospital.
Very much I like to go in for sports. Sports help me to be the healthy person.
By means of sports I support the figure in the good form.
For a week I happen 4 times in a sports hall, I am engaged in fitness.
When there is a good weather, we with friends like to be on the nature.
And now I wish to set to you some the questions.
Also I want, that you have answered them fairly:
Why you have decided to find the love in the Internet?
At you it has not turned out to find to itself the beloved in the city?
How many you of time search to itself for the girl on the Internet?
You correspond with girls from Russia or with other girls?
It is important to me to know: how old are you, in what city you live, as your full name.
And I want, that you have in detail written all about yourselves.
Now I finish the first letter and with impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you.
If you write to me the answer I with pleasure shall write to you the following letter.
In which again I shall try to tell about myself and about the life.

Your new friend Anzhela!


Hi my friend SCAMVICTIM.

How are you doing at my new friend SCAMVICTIM? How at you weather in city?
How there are your business on work? I hope, that at all of you is excellent.
I am very glad to receive your letter! I am very glad, that you have written to me the answer.
It seems to me, that I have been assured, that you write to me the answer in the near future.
If you have written me the answer I am possible to you has a little liked.
I so have solved, because you have written to me the answer.
And now we shall start to communicate with you through our letters. You agree?
It was very pleasant to me to read your letter.
Now I again shall write a little about myself that you knew about me more.
Already during many time I search for the true love.
But while at me it has not turned out to find such the man.
In my city there is no man which would like me.
I hope, that you in the letters write to me always the truth.
Because I write to you only the truth. I have not got used to say lies.
I wish to have fair correspondence with you.
I can grow fond only of the frank and fair person.
We yet do not speak about our love, but I wish to warn you at once.
I ask you as to write to me more about the life.
Can tell to me all that want. I to whom shall not tell it.
About our correspondence I to whom did not tell. Also I do not gather while.
It will be interesting to me to know, how pass your days.
As you like to have a rest with friends.
I with the great pleasure shall answer your questions if you write them to me.
I always closely read your letters.
And I want the same from you that you seriously concerned to me.
From the childhood me learned to not say lies to whom! My education was very strict.
At me very cultural and strict family.
Now I live in an apartment of my parents together with the native father.
My daddy the driver of the lorry. It carries cargoes across all Russia, and sometimes abroad.
Hence, it often does not happen at home.
It likes this work though on it it earns not so many money.
But the most important, that it brings money in the house. And we together with it live on them.
Unfortunately, I cannot tell to you about mum. It has died, when to me there were 6 years.
Mum has died tragical death.
The daddy does not like to recollect mum, therefore I remember mum very little.
I think to the daddy very difficultly to recollect about death of mum. Because it loved it.
They had a present love, and I want, that I in the future had a same strong love.
To us it is now very bad without it. We do not have not enough its love and caress
I very strongly loved mum. And it too loved me.
Because I the only child in family. I do not have either brothers, or sisters.
We it is very strong after it we miss. But I do not wish to tell to you about death of my mum.
Because I do not wish to recollect about its death.
When I recollect, to me becomes very sad. Sometimes I very strongly cry.
It is very difficult to me to recollect about mum, but you should know about me all.
Mum of the father - my favourite grandmother brought up me all other childhood.
It was very fair and strict teacher.
Since the childhood, the grandmother has accustomed me to be fair and fair with people.
I have left high school in my city.
After school I studied at medical university.
At university I studied within 8 years.
There I learned English language, therefore I write to you letters without the translator.
After university I wished to go to study further, to more best institution.
Then to find to itself worthy work.
But to receive the academic formation in Russia very dearly and hard.
And my family lived not so richly, I can tell, that we lived poorly.
So under the family finance I did not presume to study in academy.
Then I have decided to go to work to children's hospital to help children.
I very much love children, therefore I have decided to go to work to children's hospital.
My work borrows a lot of time and spends many my forces.
But I like my work, therefore I do not wish to search to myself for other work.
I understand, that on other work I could earn more money, but it it is not necessary to me.
I earn money which me suffices on a feed and for the life.
And I have enough of it. I while do not have grandiose plans for the future.
I did not have time to find the beloved.
Now the Internet for me an opportunity to find the beloved.
I recently have started to search for the man through the Internet.
You the first the man which has liked me. And I have decided to write to you.
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter.
I search for love on the Internet of no more week.
My most important dream - to find the beloved in a life and to create with it family.
I am very tired from loneliness. The majority of my girlfriends already married.
In dialogue with girlfriends, I understand, that lives happens different.
Life of my girlfriends different. In a life of my girlfriends there are bad and good times.
It is possible to tell, that at me very boring life because with me is not present a number of the beloved.
I give the majority of the life to the work, and would like to the beloved.
Now I am completely ready to create family with the beloved.
I wish to find the beloved in the near future, because now to me 26 years.
I wished to describe a life in detail. I hope,
that it was interesting to you to learn about my real life.
I hope to receive from you the answer my friend SCAMVICTIM.
I think, that I than have not offended you in this letter.
So write to me the answer within the next few days.
I with pleasure again shall write to you the answer.

I look forward to hearing.


Hello my dear SCAMVICTIM!

I wish to inform you, that I waited for your letter.
Your letter is filled by caress, kindness, honesty and love.
You very good and attractive the man SCAMVICTIM!!!
It is a pity, that we so far apart. Therefore I cannot tell to you all personally.
I think, that I could be the good wife for the to the husband.
Each woman searches for the man which will love, and to respect with it.
I want, that I the man concerned to me very well and tenderly, with love.
I want, that it appreciated me, as the good woman, and in the future as the good wife.
That thought, that I an ideal of the woman for it.
That it is better than me who is not present all over the world
I am assured of the feelings always.
And you likely have noticed, that in the beginning of the letter, I have named you "my dear SCAMVICTIM".
Also it is the truth. Because you have liked me, as the man.
In the further I wish to learn you more increasing and more.
My feelings grow to you every day, with each your letter.
I want the man which will be the good father to our children.
Also I want the man which will sincerely love me.
How has passed yours today day? What at you new now in a life?
I search for serious attitudes with the man which can understand me and which I shall understand.
We will have mutual understanding and identical outlooks on life.
The man should treat the woman kindly, with love and respect.
And the most important with caress. That it understood, that the woman loves the man.
It should be with it beside during bad and good times.
It should care of it these minutes.
It should consider, that the woman for it the most dear in a life.
The man should give the woman all love and care which at it is in a shower.
It should make so that its woman was the happiest on the Earth.
As the woman should make the same for the man which it will love.
To support it always, to be with it beside when it requires it.
And I think, that the love is very important for attitudes between the man and the woman.
Here such attitudes I want in the future. My ideas are similar to yours?
Tell to me, please, what you want in the future of the attitude with the beloved?
And the important question, you see me in the future?
I while on what do not hint, but I wish to know your answer.
I you do not force to grow fond of me, but you have very strongly liked me.
You should know, that I live not in the best country.
I want, that my children had the best life, than I now.
I very much want, that we have continued with you our correspondence my dear SCAMVICTIM!
I think, that you that person who is necessary for me.
We learns it in the near future. I am assured of it.
I with impatience shall wait news from you SCAMVICTIM.

Sincerely yours Anzhela! Kiss you.


Hello my love SCAMVICTIM!

Today at me very good day. I have received your letter and have read through it with pleasure.
It was very pleasant to me to read your new letter. Tell to me, how your business SCAMVICTIM?
I'm fine, only there is no your caress and love.
I every day miss on you. But when I shall read through your letter, to me it becomes better.
Now I shall write to You dreams and desires about our future joint love.
I count, that it will be interesting to you. I want that you knew it.......
I want, that You have met me with a bouquet of red roses.
Has embraced me, has kissed and has pressed to itself. It is fine!
Has pressed with such force that nobody could separate us from each other.
In your eyes I wish to see passionate love to me.... I love you SCAMVICTIM!
We with You shall go to walk all the day on city, and we shall be only together.
And nobody to us will stir, time we shall spend all this with love.
In the evening we shall go somewhere, and we shall lead there the whole night.
We shall be only together, only you my dear SCAMVICTIM and I.
When I think of it at me at once cheers up.
I think, that I have knowingly lived all life.
I lived this life only for you my lovely and favourite SCAMVICTIM!
It wakens remarkable minutes!!!!
I wish to have seconds, minutes, hours of passion and love to you.
You understand about what I speak you, you want it in the near future?

I wish to feed You only with tasty meal. I wish to care of you.
I very urgently wish to meet you my favourite!
I wish to check up our feelings to each other in real conditions.
What do you think of our meeting? You want that I was near to you in your life?
You want our meeting in the near future at you in city?
I wish to check up our attitudes. But I am assured, that in the future at us all will be good.
Because I never in a life so strongly did not love whom.
But now I have found you, and now my soul is overflown by love.
I look at your photos, and I understand, that you that the man which is necessary to me.
I dream in the near future to see you.
You wish to execute my dreams and desires?
We love each other, and we should be together.
And I am ready to throw all the business and to arrive to you for ever.
I hope, that my dreams coincide with yours.
I dream to execute all the and your dreams in the near future!!!!
If you have any dreams also, I wish them to learn!
So write to me them in the letter. I shall wait for it with impatience.
Also tell to me, what you think of our meeting at you in SCAMVICTIM?

With huge and pure love, your beloved Anzhela!



My love SCAMVICTIM, I wish to explain All of you my feelings to you!!!!

To me it is very pleasant, that we converge with you with one opinion!
I also am very happy, that I could find you in this huge world.
For all time, how many we it is corresponded, I have very strongly grown fond of you.
And now in a head at me only one idea, I even can tell is dream little bit more precisely!
I wish to be with you and I wish to be your woman. I wish to be with you together!
I wish to divide with you happiness, and I want that you with me have divided my
In my life was only two favourite and dear persons. The my dear daddy and my native
I always loved them, and I shall always love them, because they my relatives.
But now all has changed in the best party. I HAVE found YOU my DARLING SCAMVICTIM!
You at once have liked me. I at once have understood, that you that the man which I search
for all life.
Now I love you, and I want that we were together. Our love developed very quickly and
During all time of our correspondence you loved me. And I too have very strongly grown
fond of you.
Now you mine the man. I think, what you agree with it? You too love me?
I even can tell, that I have fallen in love with you.
You unique the man to which I tested such strong love.
I speak you it fairly, from all heart. I hope that you trust me?!
But for this purpose we should be together!
I have in view of, that for our future love we should be together, as soon as possible.
Today I have specially gone to travel agency.
I wished to learn, that it is necessary to have to get in To the SCAMVICTIM.
And me a distance the exact and clear answer. To which I was very glad.
I should have the visa in your country, and the passport for travel abroad on my name.
Still to me have told, that without these things I cannot precisely get in your country.
And still I cannot live there without these things.
So them to do it is necessary. The visa costs 280 Euros.
The passport for travel abroad 140 Euros. The total sum leaves in 420 euros.
It is So much money to me it is necessary to legalize these papers on my name.
But I have a problem which prevents to make to me these documents and to arrive to you.
It is very difficult to me to speak you about it. But I shall tell to you because you
should know.
I that do not hide from the favourite person. It is very heavy to me to speak about it.
But it is necessary.... In the life I always lived poorly.
So now I have no money to pay for the documents.
Money which I earn in children's hospital, I leave on a feed and clothes.
The salary only on it suffices me. I when did not try to save money.
So I do not know that now to us to do with our meeting at you!
But in my head there is one idea which I now shall write to you....
Only I ask you to understand me correctly, and the most important do not take offence.....
Can be to you it will seem little bit rough so I at once ask from you a pardon if it is
not pleasant to you.
I think, that you can help me with this sum of money.
And I have decided to ask for you the financial help to make these documents.
And then at once to arrive to you. I do not wish to press on you that you helped me with
Therefore it only to you to solve, I cannot force you.
But if you want that we were together that we loved each other.
That I hope, that you will be agree to help me with this sum of money.
Understand me, that this all is done for the sake of our love that we were together.
That our love was present and very strong. Because I wish to love you, to kiss, caress and
I very strongly love you my darling and road the man SCAMVICTIM!
So now only to you to make a choice. Whether you will help me with money that I have
arrived to you or not?!
To solve only to you, I only have explained you the idea.
In it is not present that bad because I cannot force you.
All is done only your consent. Make a choice and give me the exact answer in the following
I do not compel you to help me but if you love me and want that we were together then you
will help me with money.
I have asked you this money for my documents because me any more to whom to address.
I think, that you understand all gravity of this question.
I shall wait for your letter my love SCAMVICTIM.

Forever your Beloved Anzhela, I wish you successful day my darling SCAMVICTIM!



My love for that what to me to arrive to you to me it is necessary 420 Euros, I was in
TRAVEL AGENCY and to me would tell that for that that to me to take off from Russia,
abroad, that is to you it is necessary for me to make documents necessary for it.
Without these documents I cannot take off from the country, and for that what I could
receive all these documents to me it is necessary to pay in TRAVEL AGENCY 420 Euros, and
only then I can receive all these documents.
I hope that you understand me.
My loved you can send me these 420 Euros, through a translation system of money the
WESTERN UNION, it is very good and qualitative translation system of money.
For that that you could send me 420 Euros to you I are required full the data. With the
help of these data you will send to me of money 420 Euros through the WESTERN UNION.
My dear to you my full address, with my full name and a surname.
The country: Russia
The city of: Cheboksary
Street: Pushkina 30 - 15
My full name: Anzhelika
Surname: Ermolaeva
And for that that I could receive your money already here in Russia after you will send to
me them, I will need your full data.
And still as soon as you will send money through the WESTERN UNION to you there will give
ten-character code MTCN and you the same should send it to me.
I hope that you will make all correctly, I shall look forward to hearing from you and I
hope that you can send me of money.



Hello my love SCAMVICTIM!!!
I went to travel agency and to me have told that air tickets cost 700 euros these are two
air tickets
As I shall receive the visa for 30 days I my love is obliged to buy air tickets in two
My dear the I shall more quickly begin to cry money the more quickly we shall meet you if
you can send money today or tomorrow
That I can already arrive to you on following weeks as the visa is done 6 working days
My dear try to send money today and I them directly today shall go I shall begin to cry.
I so wait for this meeting my love that I am ready to arrive to you today but the law
Speaks that I have no right to arrive without the visa.
So it would be necessary to wait for 7 more days that I have arrived to you my love.
You have asked how many all trip to you it 1120 euros will cost will be
My dear try to send money today.
I shall wait.
Yours Anzhelika



Hello my love SCAMVICTIM!!!
My dear I you has understood so you wish to send money through Money Gram!
I today have learned that in Cheboksary is Money Gram and you can send money
Here only I do not know that you would need what to be sent money through Money Gram!
My dear you to me write in what you will require what to send money and I to you of ladies
My dear why you name yourself the silly old man
You not how many not the old man and not how many not silly you the most good person in
the world
And I very strongly love you and my love wishes be only with you!
Here you will see when we shall meet you as I you strongly I love
And I shall bring to you a gift one but I now to you shall not tell you then it will see
my dear!
I love you my dear SCAMVICTIM!
Yours for ever Anzhelika



Hello my love SCAMCVICTIM!!!
I have read through yours letters my love and have understood that my full address is
necessary to you
What to send money! I shall give you now my address my love.
The country: Russia
The city of: Cheboksary
Street: Pushkina 30 - 15
My full name: Anzhelika
My love I think that you can send money without problems
And I can already arrive to you on following weeks.
My dear I while only do not know at what airport to you will have me to meet!
But I to you shall necessarily tell as soon as I shall pay for the visa and I shall buy
air tickets.
My love you learn where to me to arrive in what airport better and I shall try
To buy air tickets on this airport.
My dear to me so to not be trusted that we with you soon we shall together.
Our meeting to dream me every night as though you meet me at the airport with a greater
bouquet of colors
You take me for a hand and conduct me to the house and then we with you shall go on your
You show me all feature of the city.
But while it only a dream why that will seems to me that in 100 times is better!
At us already late it is necessary to go to Russia home my love I shall wait for your
letter tomorrow.
Yours Anzhelika

This kiss to you!

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