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# Name:      Anna Davydova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Kherson

# Phone:    380552372042

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 35%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: I met this girl through Khersongirls in Kherson Ukraine. The agency is honest but this woman is not. We met a few times and I stupidly proposed to her. Over the course of the K-1 visa process which took 9 months, I sent her thousands of dollars at her request. She arrived in America and within 2 weeks had hooked up with a guy she met at the gym. She was spending time with him while I was at work and was even planning a romantic getaway to Boston before I found out. I put her on the first plane back to Ukraine.rn rnHello dear Mark , rnIt is me again. I am in Kherson now , because I had to cancel my trip to Kiev as I had some reasons for this. rnI hope that you are well. Mark, in this letter I want to ask you for a big favour. I have some problems in my family and I need help. My brother got divorced with his wife ,consequently they started to share their property. But my brother still has to pay a credit for his apartment. rnMark , my dear ,please , help me . I have nobody to ask for this favour. I need $1000. I promise I will return you this money when I am in America. I will work and earn them to give you back. You know that I didnt ask you to compensate me my work trip . Do you remember that chat , when we discussed it . You know that I canceled my trip after a chat. But he is my brother and we must to help him. rnIf you understand me and ready to help , please do it ASAP. Iit is difficult for me to ask you about it. I am very greatful for you understanding and support. rnTake care . I think about you and miss you a lot. I am always with you, rnAnya! rnKiss you. rnrnHello my dear! rnMark, I have received your letter, thank you for understanding and your support! Yes, it is really difficult for me to talk about my problems, and to ask somebody for help. I got used to decide everything by myself, and to believe in myself . But from your letters I understood, what I mean for you, and that I can hope on your support. Yes, really, we are one equal in future, and must be open to each other, whatever may happen. rnMark, you even dont imagine how I wish to go, to go to you, to be with you, to be with a man, who loves and respects me. rnWhat about money, your question, you can transfer them through ” Wester-Union”, they will take 30$ for service, and send a code to my mobile phone ( 80501950699) rnThis week,I finished the registration of testimony, so it is ready and waits for the interview in Kiev. All, that depends on me, I make without delay. rnThank you once more and the best regards from my family. rnGood luck, kiss ! rnYour Anya!

# Date: 2008-04-19
A total of a bout $20,000 between money requests, English lessons, and gifts.

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