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# Name:      Anna Kolesnikova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lugansk

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: I contacted Anna Kolesnikova,, rnIdentified themselves as: Anna Kolesnikovarnbetween December 2007 and January 2008. rnUsed the nickname: anutka68sbde On the site of Yahoo meetings. rnrnI believe to be a SCAMMER therefore asked me money. rnThis profile is with a picture different from others rnfound in other lists. They are using the same name but rnwith different pictures. rn rne-mail copy:rn rnMy sweetheart,You cant imagine how happy Im reading your know, andfirst of all I am so sorry that I sent you my previous letters again.There was a problem with Internet and I was unsure if you got myletters because I didnt get any your reply yesterday.We become closestpeople and its wonderful to have someone on the other end of theworld who thinks about me and takes care of me. You must know I thinkabout you every day and every moment of my life and when I feel aloneI think about you helping me in hard situations of my life.There is wonderful weather here andI dream to walk around the park with you listening to bird??™ssongs. Its very romantic to walk under the moon light and to hear theroar of the waves. Unfortunately, I live far from the ocean and evenfar from the sea, but I see us together in my dreams and its sowonderful. May be Im too naive and too romantic, life is so crueland, unfortunately, not all our dreams may become true. But you knowIm optimistic person and I believe that one wonderful day all ourdreams will come true and all people in the world will be happy. AndIm sure that Ill be the happiest woman because Ill see you andwell be together for all our life. I want to have one heart for twopeople and one soul for two people, only then well be the happiestpeople and well be able to understand each other without words, wellsee everything in our eyes and well feel each other.When I read your letter I dream to be with you, to feel you, and to feel your hairs smell, to feel your strongarms on my body and to kiss your lips.My darling xxx, my love, my sweetheart, I really wish to met withyou as soon as possible. May be it will be much better if I could cometo you for some time as you cant come here soon. I am really sorrybut I dont have such money to pay for the documents. I wrote you thati will need to pay about $500 to get the documents in a month. It willbe really great if you could help me with it. Love you so much,Your Anna.rn

# Date: 2008-01-25

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