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# Name:      Alisha Burkat

# E-mail:

# Address:  Nigeria , Lagos

# Phone:    0011 234 1857406

# Seen at:   myspace

# Dangerous: 22%

# Scam scenarios:   First it was money for food,building in small increments too hotel bill,

# Details: First it was money for food,building in small increments too hotel bill,"manager" bright cole was holding her prisoner until paid...then came the ticket money,then came the BTA scam...2000 AUD all the end she returned,and openly told me she bought a laptop with the money,after i stopped when she begged me to sell my sons xmas presents to give her money.

# Date: 2008-01-22
(below:her "travel agent")
joy_alisha1: ok
joy_alisha1: his phone numb is +2348029490233

over 7 transactions to western union,totalling 2000 AUD.she also tried to send me money via a direct transaction,my bank closed the account from a fraudulent deposit..i was asked to write a a statement to say i was not intentionally involved,eventually the money was returned to true owner,an banks unfroze my account,i have no idea if they continued the investigation.

I informed myspace,they did NOTHING!.

Heres a taste of ourt last convo where they now openly parade the fact the money was used to buy a new laptop.

joy says (11:30 AM):
i want you
ME says (11:30 AM):
u want me?????????????????
joy says (11:30 AM):
but u dont want me any more
ME says (11:31 AM):
wtf???? haha im not the one that dissapeared after u knew i had no more money left to give!

joy says (11:43 AM):
joy says (11:43 AM):
u said u dont want me any more
joy says (11:43 AM):
that is fine
ME says (11:44 AM):
if its fine,how much did u ever really care?
joy says (11:44 AM):
u are hurting my feeling every day
joy says (11:45 AM):
just becuaes i spent your money
joy says (11:45 AM):
in going to state
ME says (11:45 AM):
u hurt mine more when u dissapeared,spending my money

(Note the JUST BECAUSE comment,wtf is that?LOL,also note i never said i didnt want,just i had no money to give,these scammers tend to directly relate love to money)

joy says (12:20 PM):
i bought a new laptop that has webcam
ME says (12:20 PM):
u proly used MY MONEY to buy the laptop
joy says (12:21 PM):


joy says (1:07 PM):
u are fake
ME says (1:07 PM):
my money wasnt fake
joy says (1:08 PM):
it was
ME says (1:08 PM):
the western union receipts say diff,its u who are fake,..alishas probably not even ure real name
joy says (1:09 PM):
u are big fool
joy says (1:10 PM):
i wont talk to you any more

end of convo,although she appears daily ,not a care in the world to appear online and continue what she does.There are sooo many more convos where she begs an pleads,constantly harrassing and claiming her love,yet if u care,u would send money to help.

as i type this i asked her if the details were right..
she replies

ME says (10:42 AM):
this person is ruthless an harrassing,totally relentless until the money runs dry..she still continues her web of lies with others to this date using msn ,yahoo , and .
(her "travel agent")
joy_alisha1: ok
joy_alisha1: his phone numb is +2348029490233
joy-scammer says (10:44 AM):
i will send yours too
ME says (10:44 AM):
by all means
joy-scammer says (10:44 AM):
and your pics
joy-scammer says (10:44 AM):
and you r son

note:i have nothing to hide,she will never do it,because she knows i have the evidence through bank statements an western union reciepts,logs an emails to prove she is a scammer.

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