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# Name:      Elizavita

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Lipetsk

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 13%

# Scam scenarios:   money for tickets

# Details: She was telling me it would cost "us" $954 us dollars for her ticket to scotland and she could get a B1/2 visa to stay 6 to 12 months at a time, Ive visited the british embassy websites for Russia and 7 former ussr countries including Latvia, Moldova and Ukraine and no mention of a B1/2 or a B1 or a B2 visa anywhere!rnshe must think I was born yesterday!rnrnThis girl was on, advertising as "Lonely7667" in the london area, I knew the postcode was wrong on the profile, Im in correspondence with her at the moment.rnShe has told me of a B1/2 visa that would let her stay in the uk for 6 months at one time that she learned about at a travel agency, she tells me the ticket is 954 us dollars! when I dont have us dollars! I have pound sterling! I sent her an e-mail telling her about travel agency scams! and to watch out they dont do both of us out of a lot of money and Ive been telling her that Im coming to get her and bring her to the uk, Ive told her about a visa that only costs ???500 or 26000 roubles to obtain to stay permanently, I am not sure if she is a scammer or not from what shes sent me so far by e-mail, but Ive been suspicious from the day I contacted her after Kristina.rnI saw Kristina on your web page and it just hit me... why not go back and look for Eliz? so I did and shes there, shes deleted her profile and I thought that meant shes mine for keeps and were gonna be so happy together... dont worry I wont cry though I feel a little hurt finding this out!rnI dont think her real name is Elizavita (Eliz as she uses with me) or even Alla Hudobina as someone else has reported her to you already as!

# Date: 2008-01-03
She never told me how to send her the money as I told her the travel agent was probally a scammer trying to get all the money they can get from both of us.
I've just about got her agreeing to me meeting her in Russia, she tried to warn me off coming to Russia as some "gangsters" as she put it kidnap foreigners to get ransom money from their governments or friends and sometimes ther get killed too from the impression I got from her, I've been to Russia on holiday and I found the people are really nice to foreigners so I didn't understand the bit about russian men hating foreigners.

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