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# Name:      Elena Koskova

# Address:  Ukraine , Kharkov

#  if you were scammed by a lady from Kharkov turn to Private detective agency "DETECTIV-F" Kharkov UKRAINE

# Phone:    3-80-669-327-304

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 20%

# Details: Very beautiful girl, and very slick. I and other men met her on then she directs them to (says it is agency that her friend owns, and likes its sevices much more) that way all money men pay for services goes to her friend. The website is owned by he friend Natasha Eskova. They asked me if they could put my phone number on website so men with questions could call me, and tell them about agency as I have been there and seen the office and the people running it. I was completly fooled! This is where I recognised what was going on. I started getting calls fom other men, every call was about Elena, and conversations they had with her are exactly the same, use agevip services come to meet her, rent apartment through agency, interpretor from agency etc. She does speak english, but the interprepter makes more money. She needed money for major car repairs, to take care of her mother, loss of her job, then needed more because she got in a car accident. I totally believed her, and have sent over $4000.00 is a total scam she only used Globaladies to direct men to their website

# Date: 2007-09-03
Money was sent via Money-Gram to her friend Ludmila Yakobuvskaya as Elenas Passport (Isreali passport)is out of date, and states that it is not possible to get money without current passport

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