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# Name:      Elena Vavilova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Yoshkar-Ola

# Seen at:   singlesnet

# Dangerous: 21%

# Details: NO PHONE- Crazy comment to call me in public phone #2 letter -Never a answer to a single question- use of siglenet for brief "advertising" before the obvious pull. {You can email ANYONE } So everyone gets the Photo with email on it. Nice little trick....rnBriefly on singlesnet and had clearly her email address on her photo- emails me and says the email is on her photo- of course she is pulled eventually- but she gets plenty of emails out before....rn rnI search your web-site and found her under a different name - Natasha Domrageva

# Date: 2007-08-11
Hi Mark!!!
How are you today? How is everything? I hope that you are doing fine over there, I am fine here. Everything is alright, except the fact that I miss you and your letters very much :) You know, Mark, I am thinking a lot about you and when I write a letter to you it seems to me that I am talking to you, like you are near me, not so far and it makes me feel good.
Thank which details about life have written, it is interesting very much
I would like to know more about you, your internal part.
Mark, I would like to tell you more about me and my life now. I've been always interested in foreign languages. I've been learning English since I was 8 years old. I had a wonderful teacher, she knew how to make her students interested in subjects, we used to play different games, that was much fun. I can say that I was the best student in the class :) I very much liked the English language and I have decided studies on on rates of the profound studying of the English language. It seems to me that now my English is good enough:) That you think? How to you my English? That's how I know English by the way :)
I think that's enough for today telling about me, I would like to know more about you, your inside. You know, Mark, I have a question for you. What is the perfect relationships for you? As for me I would like to find that special person, the person who is going to understand me in everything, the one who is not going to cheat on me or hurt me in any way. I think that trust is a very important thing in the relationship. I think that if two people don't trust each other, nothing is possible just for one simple reason they won't open their hearts to each other, their relationship won't be 100 happy. I don't know if I am right, but this is my opinion. I think that the perfect relationship is when two people trust each other completely and don't control each other, you know
how it happens sometimes when one the partners always want to check what the other is doing. I'd like to have the relationship when both have full freedom to do anything they want, but they both just want to be near each other, they don't want anything else, they don't need anybody else. I hope you understand what I am talking about. Like they have choice, but they choose each other all the time. I think this will be called love. When two people are together all the time and if they separate for an hour it seems to them like they didn't see each other for ages. You know what I mean, Mark? I hope you do. :)
I want to find very much serious relations because I understand that I not the little girl and I should find the man for creation of family and with which I shall be happy very much... I also to think very much of moving, I love Russia very
much, but I understand that I cannot find the man here... Many men, here in Russia think only about yourselves, also many men to drink alcohol, it is sad very much... I also want to have children, I love children very much and I think that I shall be good mother for them... I also think that my future children will not have good conditions for a life here in Russia, therefore I want to leave, and to build relations in other country...
Ok, I am finishing my letter and I will be looking forward to your reply!
Have a great day! And write back soon!!!
Looking forward to your reply,


Hi Mark!!!
I am glad, that you have written to me again, I very much like to read your letters. We find out each other more closer. With each letter I find out a lot of new about you and I find out you better.
Mark, let me tell you about my family now. My family is not big, it consisits of my mom and me now. I live with my favourite mum at us with her very confidential attitudes, she supports me in all. Unfortunately I do not have brothers and sisters though I very much would want it.
The father at me is not present, it has left from my mother when I was
Still small. Mum told that he has left to other woman when to me only one and a half year And consequently I was brought up by my mother one. I don't really like to talk about this whole situation with my parents because it makes me
sad, I can't forget all my mom's tears she had to cry because of my dad. He gave her and me much pain. It was very difficult for both of us to get over that, but we did it. I think that my dad wasn't right, he cheated on her a lot, if he didn't like my mom any more, he should have honestly tell her about it, talk to her but he never did. What do you think, Mark? In my opinion, when two people are together and one of them starts to think that something is going wrong in their relationships, he/she should talk about it with his/her soulmate.
How do you think am I right? I suppose that honesty and faithfulness are very important in the relationships.
So, any way, going back to the story about my family :) I love my family, they are very dear to my heart. And what about you, Mark? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Please, tell me about your family. It will be very interesting for me to know.
You know, Mark, I would like to find serious, fair, caring and the decent person, the person, I might divide my life and create strong family with, based on kindness, love, understanding and tendernesses. But in my opinion, the most important thing for me - love, I think, that two persons may not create family without that big feeling. I want, that my future husband loved me and cared of me. And I shall do the same for him back. I have a lot of love and tendernesses in my heart, but there is no person about me, I can give it. I have friends around, but between them there is nobody who I can speak, that I like. I would like to find that the special person and to be happy with it together. How each normal woman I would like to love and love.
Mark, do you believe in God? What role does religion play in your life? As for me I believe in God and I go to church. I don't do it often, but it is not because I don't like it or I don't have time, this is because I think that the person should go to the church only if he/she feels deeply in the soul that it is needed for
him/her. As for me I go to the church to ask for forgiveness, to ask God to help me or to thank Him for doing something for me or giving me problems to overcome. Religion is very important for me.
WELL here I now wish to send you the information which you asked from me in the last letter.
My full name Vavilova Elena.
My country Russia
My city of Ioshkar-Ola
And my full address Street Pavlovo the house 7 apartment 82.
My postal index 424000
Mark I wish to tell to you that I unfortunately do not have house of phone. And I write the letters to you through the Internet of cafe. But if you could send me the full phone number. That I could cause you through a public telephone booth. I think that it would be remarkable. And I could hear your remarkable voice. It is simply healthy!!! How you think??? If that is fairly at me while there are no such means to go on a public telephone booth and to cause you. But as soon as I will have such opportunity I shall necessarily make it!!!
Well, I finish my letter now, and I shall expect your following letter very impatiently!
I am sending you some more photos of me, I hope you'll like it.

Have the big day!!!
Do not overlook to smile:)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello Mark!!!
I was very glad to receive a letter from you. I've read your letter very attentively and you seem to me a very interesting person, I would like to know you better and continue correspondence with you. You to not represent as me it was pleasant to read your words and my interest is very great to you.
I think, that it will be interesting to both of us to find out each other.
I think that in my first letter I should tell you more about myself.
As you already know my name is Elena, I am 27 years old and I live in Russia, in Ioshkar-Ola. This is a very
quiet, small, but very beautiful town. I like it. My town is situated in 700 km from Moscow. If you are interested I can send you photos of it. And what city do you live in, Mark? Tell me more about it. It will be very interesting for me.
I work as the manager in computer firm, I like my work.
At leisure I am engaged in sports in particular aerobics, I go to campaigns, sometimes in theatre or simply I walk, like to listen to music and to read books. I love everything, that does my life interesting.
I search kind, loving, reliable for the man. he should be the clever, interesting interlocutor, with sense of humour love children. The age, color of hair, a figure not so are important for me, the most important is his character.
And the good relation to me.
Mark, I hope it have given you small representation about me and it has interested you.
Mark, I very much would like to find out details about you, about your life, describe more in detail the occupations and the purposes in life...
Tell in detail about your hobbies how you carry out a free time?
What your favourite color?
My favourite color - yellow!
It is color of spring! And spring this beginning of all beginnings!
It is a symbol of love and pleasure!
I am sending you one more photo of me and I am looking forward to your reply with your photos. Please do not send me big on the size of a photo. It is difficult for me to receive the big photos.

All this will enable to understand, that you for the person.
Mark, I once again want to repeat, that my interest is very great also I wants, that our relations developed.
I as wish to tell to you that I have removed the structure with Simply you the truth are very interesting to me and I wish you to learn as it is possible more close. Which my prince I can you so long searched :)
Well, I finish my letter, and I shall expect your answer!
If you will have to me questions, necessarily write, I with pleasure shall answer them.
Have the big day! Also write back soon!!!
Expectation of your answer,
Sincerely, Elena!

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