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# Name:      Dorcas Mingle

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ghana , Accra

# Phone:    00233249295273

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 21%

# Details: have star start to speak with me in have send me a mail there i think have use and her visa to take the free 3 days and after have delete the profile because if she keep must to pay the money.rnShe be in love very fast and want to married but to come to married you she need money she send me e-mail about how muts money need also have send me 30 picture and one images from passport the passport i think have make in photoshop or have use other program. i have speak with her close to 20 days in IM yahoo and i have replay only 3 e-mail and i have take 20 rni have speak with her in the phone 10 times she call me her and 4 i have callrnshe start to be in very love with me and she want to married with me it is smart person and i think very denger she use the western union to take the money from me and nothing else way. The adress to give me to use to take the money it is this:rnDORCAS MINGLE rnP.O. BOX 26rnOSINO GHANArnWEST AFRICA rnand the second phone it is this: 00233249160835 but never answer in this phone the time to i call in this number she call me back with the other phone number to i have give rn

# Date: 2007-07-05
the maney list to she have send my it is this:
Dearest dear,honye i have gone to find out all that it takes to come to you with regards to the travelling documents honey,i was told that, to be able to get a permanent visa to stay is impossible but there is other way that I can get a tourist visa to enable me come to you and that will help me get permanent stay in the Greece.I was told that, When I come there then we will marry so that i can get get naturalize certificate and this will get me Greece passport.My love here are the documents involve for securing the tourist that i can travel to you soon i need you in my life sweety so that we will have alot to accomplish in life

1.Ghanaian visa...........$100

2.Medical test (HIV).......$50

3.Travel insurance........$100

4. Visa fee..............$100

6. Police report.........$50

8. Airline ticket........$1469.00

9.Ghanaian Passport......$100

The duration for securing this type of visa is one weeks. The total cost involve including the air with surcharges will be $ 1,969.00

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