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# Name:      Anastasya Puka

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Zvenigovo

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 13%

# Details: I transcribe one of her emails:rn"Hello my dear N!!!rnI am glad to receive your letter! I was thinking of you allrnday long! Sorry, I wasnt writing you for a while.rnI went to the travel agency to find out what documents I needrnto travel abroad. I was very excited because I thought my visitrnto your country will help us to know each other better. I thoughtrnI can pay for visa and travel passport but when I saw the pricernfor it, I was about to cry. Im so upset, I can not afford to payrnfor visa and passport. I still dont know what to do. My salaryrnis $ 130! and visa together with the travel passport cost 340 eurornIts a big sum for me, I will have to find another job and alsornwork at night. Here in Russia we have very small salaries. Whatrnshould I do?rnPlease, dont take it too close to heart. Theres always a solutionrnof a problem and if we work on it together we will find it!rnIf you help me to pay for visa and travel passport I will be veryrnglad and try to do my best to get it in a short time to meet you asrnsoon as possible. What do you think?rnI want our meeting so much! You are deep in my heart! Im very excitedrnto see you in real! To get visa will take about 10 to 12 days.rnThe visa is valid for two months only but I think we can find thernconvenient for both of us time to meet, couple of weeks or may be onernmonth or even more. I think it will be enough to understand if we reallyrnwere born to be together. Duringrnthe time that we spend together we can learn more about each otherrnthan a hundred letters can say. Do you agree?rnAnd if everything is ok we will be together in less than two weeks.rnI talked to my mom she agreed that we need to meet, she just askedrnyour phone and address. Is that ok?rnI will wait for your letter with impatience!rnForever your Anastasya"rn

# Date: 2007-06-06

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