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# Name:      Anastasiya Kryvda

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Yoshkar-Ola

# Seen at:   Contacted on American Singles

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: Typical visa/travel scam - received e-mails almost everyday for 5 weeks. She fell in love and had to come to me. Too dangerous for me to travel to her.

# Date: 2006-11-17
Hello my dear Jessey! I am fine. I miss on you. You dream me today at night.
We were together. Our meeting dreamed me. You embrace me. I kiss you my love.
Our sex with you dream me. I want to visit your country also. I want to
investigate your country together with you my love. I be never so is far
from a house. I tell about you my girlfriends. They were happy for me.
I am glad that my love has found you. My mum sends to you greetings.
I love you Jessey!!!

I speak you about affairs now. Today I went to the ministry to find
out in what documents I need for visiting the United States. When I
come to the ministry i consult with the secretary. I explained my a
situation. I told there about you, I told that have got acquainted
with you on Internet and now I want to arrive to the United States to
visit my Jessey! Then secretary explained me in detail in what I need
for this purpose. I need in visa and foreign passport. But as I
travelled earlier, I have passport for travel abroad. Also I should
know what airport the closest to you. First, I should receive the visa
and package of documents attached to it. Also secretary told me about
common cost the visa and all a package of documents. The visa and all
a package of documents switching residing in Moscow, food, the medical
insurance, the certificate from state registry - costs 310 dollars. I
understand that it very expensive. When you will inform me about close
to you the airport I shall find out cost of tickets. The visa is made
10 days. Secretary told me that the visa is the most important and
document. The visa is necessary to do originally. I told to you all
the information which I found out in the ministry today. I shall be
happy to spend time with you. I want be fast with you very much. I
love you very much. I think that it not makes problems for us. You
very expensive for me. I present as we shall meet you in the airport
and from this moment we shall be together always and we shall never
separated.It is my dream. I want you. It is fine. What do you think
about it? If you want hear me I can call you from a public telephone booth.
I wait your letter.
Your sweet!!!

Hello my dear Jessey!!!
I am glad that you write me! I like to receive
letters from you! You be able to lift my mood! I am fine! I miss on
you very much! I think that you should work less. I want help you to
relax before work! I dream of it every day! I to work today. I have
good dream. Have you good dream today? You dream me! What dream you?

Dear, I found out today what a way you can send money. I come to bank
and asked as my Jessey can send money to me. Then the bank worker
advised me the best way. I shall tell you now. In many banks there is
a branch which names is Western Union. It is the reliable company.
Then I asked in what you need to send money. To me told that it very
simply. I should give you my data. My full name Anastasiya Kryvda. My
city Yoshkar-Ola. Only these data will be necessary for you that you
could send money. I can receive money in any bank of my city. I
explained you the fastest way which I found out. I think that you
agree with me. Are you understood this way?
I wait your letter! Your Nastya!

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