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# Name:      Elena Kelbedina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Zvenigovo

# Seen at:   I was contacted on American Singles

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: I received many e-mails with photos which I had seen on this and other sites many times before. All pre-written letters; love was promised and Western Union was clearly explained.

# Date: 2006-11-11
Hello my love Jessey .
The more I correspond with you, the more I
understand that can not be without you. You became mine air, my dream.
Now my purpose of life became a meeting with you. I am happy, that you
will help me to pay preparation of my documents. I am grateful to you,
for everything, that you do for me. I went to travel agency, after
reading your letter. I have found out, my ticket aboard the plane how
many will cost. I have asked, that they have found to me the cheapest
ticket. in travel agency have found to me the cheapest ticket aboard
the plane. My ticket will cost aboard the plane 580 euros. I was
upset, when have found out about cost of my ticket aboard the plane. I
was ready to cry. These are the big money for me. I have no such big
money unfortunately. I have gone home after travel agency. I have
addressed to mum with the request for money. Mum has told, that has
some savings. Mum has told, that will help to buy my ticket on aboard
the plane. I was happy, when mum has told, that will help me to pay my
ticket aboard the plane. I am happy. For me it is necessary to pay
preparation of my documents now. Preparation of my documents occupies
10-12 days. After that I can buy my ticket aboard the plane. I hope
you understand me. I am glad, that you will help to pay my documents.
Thus we can meet. I shall give you my address and a full name is
lower. I am happy, that we shall meet. I dream to meet you face to
face. It is our chance to meet. I think, that we should not release
our chance to meet. I want, as soon as possible to meet you. All my
ideas only about our meeting. I really want to meet you. I every day
think of you. Mum speaks, that I became happy after have met you. I
began to smile much. I love you. I shall give all love to you when we
shall meet. I think, that we shall be happy together. I can not live
without idea about you and my life is filled with you. To me few your
letters, are necessary for me you. I want to see you to hold you for a
hand and to become transfixed in your embraces. You feel the same? You
want to be with me and to dream of our future. I do not present my
life without you, you gave me a string of hope for happy life and have
rescued me from loneliness. I am grateful to you for love and letters,
they help not difficult minutes, and I want, that all my life you were
with me beside. I understand, that it is difficult for you to
understand my feelings to you still. But all my words it is sincere
also these words go from most my heart. I already understand, that I
am not lonely in this world, now I have you. I would be glad, if you
agreed to divide with me life. Perhaps, my words will seem to you
naive, but I want to be your wife and the friend all our life. I am
ready to divide with you all pleasures and griefs of this life. I want
to make our life happy and provided. I know,that we are waited ahead
with love and happiness. How you represent ours the future meeting? I
would like, that we have lead our first evening under silent, slow
music, burned candles and we did not notice as time runs. Only you and
I... Our hearts knocked from love and from passion, and our hands
caressed each other under a rhythm of love.I want to be with you, to
breathe with you one air and to wake up every morning in one bed. I
want to look every day in your fine eyes and to receive huge pleasure
from employment by love with you. I want to feel you all my body, each
cell of my body. I want to cover you with kisses and to feel your
kisses on me. If we shall not meet soon I cannot live more. I want to
come running to you and never to let out from my embraces. Only
tenderness and our love... I present us with you and I dream of you in
the long evenings and my heart is beaten pending our first meeting...
Your future Elena!!!

my address:
Russia, city Zvenigovo, Gagarina street, the house 12 , Apartment 13,
My full name Elena , my surname Kelbedina.

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