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# Name:      Angie

# E-mail:

# Address:  USA , New York

# Seen at:   First contact was via an offline IM message from the address: Person's e-mail leads you to a link to and

# Dangerous: 31%

# Details: I received an offline IM message on my Yahoo Instant Message. Said she got my address from a friend and if I would like to get together. This offline message also left an e-mail address. I knew it was a scam right off and sent an e-mail with phony info. She responded quickly using the name Angie, saying she was a flight attendant; just moved here and wanted to get together for a drink. I clicked onto the link and saw her pictures. The pix are all over the place and I had corresponded with someone back in November from Russia who was using these pictures. A visa/ticket scam materialized from that correspondence. I had already seen that she was profiled by someone else on this site. See profile #819. I have also received requests for contact from other sites with someone using these pictures. If you read the comments on profile #819, it appears these pix belong to some amateur porn artist.

# Date: 2006-07-23
HI thanks for sending me an email. Here are the pics I promised, were you
still interested in hanging out? I just moved here and haven't met many
people yet. I know you're close by and you're still on my friends list, so I
thought I'd see what you're up to. Maybe we can get together and have a
couple drinks or watch a movie or something soon ;) I'm feeling a little
frisky!! Anyway, I put some pictures up so you can finally see what I look
like.. Let me know what you think..

I'm off tomorrow.. If your not busy, get in touch, we can chat online
through my site. I'll probably be on when you get this...

Talk to you soon,

My response: I don't think so Angie. I have received e-mails from 3 different peope who are using this chicks pictures. And even corresponded with someone for a month who was using these exact photos and this person was in Russia. Go play with someone else; I am not someone you want to f**k with.

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