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# Name:      Elena

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Cheboksary

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 27%

# Details: I corresponded two months with her.after 5 letters she was in love with me ,and she asked money (300euro),for the travel to me. Than I saw on another Internet site (,that they the same photograph,sent to another man > (I send her $860.00 dollars to come to US and for her to see me. I am so glad that I found your website!! I have also seen her on She needs to be cought.)

# Date: 2006-07-02
My darling Jose!!!
I am very glad, that in the near future I shall see
the favourite person. I tomorrow shall go in agency and I I find out
in how many to me trip to you will cost. You are glad? As always I was
so excited this time to get a letter from you. Today I saw the movie
"Pretty Woman". I'm sure you have also seen it. I like this movie and
saw it so many times. This time after watching it I had a dream about
us. I believe that you are my second half and the destiny helped us to
meet each other. It is our chance to be happy and we must not miss it.
It would be unfair. I understand that we don't know each other very
well and we haven't met but I don't care. I'm 100% sure about the
feelings to you. I would never thought that I could fall in love with
somebody I have never met in real. But now I know what it's like- to
feel the happiness of love and suffer from being apart. But I believe
everything is possible and one day we'll be together. I need to tell
you one thing it is very important to me, I need to know that you
trust me, you shouldn't have any doubts that I love you. I don't
deserve it. I have serious intentions about you. Just say that you
trust me and I won't be scared to tell you something. I need to tell
you this, because it is very hard to keep it inside without telling
you. Please, darling say that you trust me and don't think that I'm
crazy. It's not true I'm just very sensitive person and you are all I
have in this life. I can not imagine my life without you anymore. I
will better die than lose you. My life will be empty without you it
will have no sence. I will think of it tonight and will write you
about my feelings tomorrow. Please, be honest with me and write me
what you think of it. Do you trust me? Take care, honey. You are
always in my heart. Thousand kisses. Your forever Elena.

Hello my love, my dream, my life Jose,
At me to you a question. When
you want, that I have arrived? For me the best arrival you in July. I
can arrive to you for 2 months. I am very glad, that you help me with
arrival you my love. I shall go in bank and I shall find out, as you
can send me money. I always try to be strong but sometimes reading
your letters makes me sad cause I miss you so much! I can't stand the
life without you anymore. It is so dark and senceless without you. All
my dreams and thoughts are only about you. I don't want to live if I
lose the hope that one day we'll be together. I hope I'm strong enough
to wait for this moment, but it hurts so much! Thinking about you is
the only thing that keeps me warm at night. Sometimes I think that I
lost my mind but then I imagine what you fell and it warms my heart. I
want you to help me as my heart is not made of stone and one day it
can crumble to dust from the pain that I feel being apart. Last Sunday
I went to church to ask the God help us be together. I can't live
without you anymore! Now I'm asking you, please, take me close to you,
let me be with you. I'm writing you this letter and the tears are
ready to fall from my eyes. Am I asking that much? I don't need
anything just be with you. I don't remember the last time I slept
well, I don't want to eat, I don't want to go outside the house where
I can see the couples walking together holding hands or kissing each
other on the street. I lost the interest in this life as I don't
possess the main thing- love. Sometimes I blame you in that just
because I think you don't have the desire to meet me. Why? Are you
scared that I'm a different person in real life. Are you doubt that
I'm good enough for you? May be you are right, I'm a different person-
I changed so much after I met you and I don't know myself yet, but I
want to get to know myself only with you because those changes are
useless without you. My love to you is very strong and takes all my
thoughts. Now I'm scared to be fired or people think that I'm crazy. I
became jealous, suspicious and very nervous because I'm scared to lose
you. I'm warried that one day you will wake up and think: 'Elena(ÈÌß
ÄÅÂÓØÊÈ), who is she? just another girl in my life. But the only way I
could forget about you is if I fell and hit my head, but then I'ld
probably forget everything and then it wouldn't be so bad. I'm dying
from love to you. I told you this so many times already that I'm
scared that you're tired of me. My greatest wish is to be your wife
and the mother of your children. All I need is you! Your Elena.

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