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# Name:      Dasha

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lugansk

# Seen at:   she contact me on cupidbay first and she introduce herself by name Dasha. I known from the beginning if i got her first letter there was something good wrong. As i ask her for her full name and phonenumber i got an letter from an agency telling me Dasha was not able to answer me because her account was over !!!
Her first letter she send me is this one :
Hi Robert!

Nice to hear from you, pleasant to know that you are interested. A bit
about me. I am Dasha or Dashunya, but you may call me as you like. I
am 170cm tall and 50kg weight. As you noticed, I have blond hair an
good figure, as you can notice from my pictures :)

So, well, I know that we are both here for finding our life partners
or maybe just friends. I am very romantic and tender woman, but at the
same time, I am very open and easy-going person. I would like to find
my beloved and to find a family, and if this happens, I will show my
man what means real life, what means passion and real happiness. I
will do my best for this.

It is rather difficult for me to find my partner here, as not all the
men are ready to be open in everything, in thoughts, sex, wishes and
desires. But I am ready, and i am looking for a man who will share my
interests, and who is really to real feeling of passion and mutual sex
respect. What are your thoughts about this?

If you are still interested in me, I'll be ready to hear back from
you. I'd like to know more of your life style, your interests,
everything concerning you. I am still interested in hobbies and your
thoughts, as I also consider communication to be important in

So, this is me in short. If you are ready to be my man, my master, my
life and sex partner, then I am here for you.

Simply Dasha

# Dangerous: 27%

# Details: Dear Sir!
  We are writing to you in order to inform you about the problem
  Dasha has. Unfortunately Dasha can't answer your letter, as her
  account with us is over now.
  Dasha doesn't speak English at all and doesn't have a computer
  at home, that is why she applied to our agency, which is called
  Our agency gives the services of translation from English into
  Russian and from Russian into English. We have more than five
  qualified translators and interpreters, who make the translations
  of your letters to Dasha and Dasha's letters to you very quickly,
  which gives you a possibility to stay in contact with her.
  First Dasha paid for our services, but just not she has some
  financial problems in her family, and she is not able to make
  up her account with us. As Dasha is very much interested in
  continuation your correspondence, we decided to contact you and
  to inform you about the problem.
  Our agency is not a marriage agency and here are all the services
  we provide to our clients:
  - translation the letters from Russian into English;
  - translation the letters from English into Russian;
  - scanning and printing the photos;
  - printing the letters;
  - sending and receiving the letters;
  - giving access to Internet to our clients.
  If you are interested in continuation your correspondence with
  Dasha and would like to become our client, contact us by this
  address, and we will send you the information about our prises.
  Please, if you have any questions, write us and ask all of them.
  We are always open for your suggestions.

# Date: 2006-06-27

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