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# Name:      Becky Mc Dowel

# E-mail:

# Address:  USA , Las Vegas

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details:
   From : Becky Mcdowel
  Sent : Wednesday, June 14, 2006 10:44 AM
  To :
  Subject : hope you can assit me hunny.
   | | | Inbox
  Hello Hunny,
  Thank you for you love and comsign bout my mom. Have not veen arround all this while ben with her at the hospital.
  just reall in need of your help now hunny. Hope i wont hurt you with that. Need to addup and pay for the rest of her hospiatl bills in here, And am strapped of cash now.
  The doctor said she need to be operated soon.
  Hope you can assit me with some little cash now hunny.
  She is all i have need to take good care of her.
  Cant wait to see you soon hunny.
  really need your prayer for her now hunny.
  Dont want her to die.
  miss ya
   From : Becky Mcdowel
  Sent : Sunday, June 11, 2006 5:17 PM
  To :
  Subject : Not really in good mood now.
   | | | Inbox
  Hello Ivon Tzatch ,
  How you doin? Am sorry to have not been able to reply your for all this while. Am not at home,I heard my Mom is seriously sick. got to take good care of her.
  The Doctor said she is sick of cancer of the Lungs. Not been in happy mood for some time now. Have always been warning her bout her smoking,but she never stop.
  Am told now that she need to be operated, Been spening lots of money here now on her bills. Just really in need of your support and prayer for her now. Dont want her to die ,she is all i have.
  Cant forget all bout you hunny. been in my mind also
  just at home now to get something to her and trying to do some cleaning too, Just also to keep you inform . You really in my mind too hunny.
   So how was your plan now.....?
  Where are you and when you travling.?
  let me know.................cant just wait to see you . Love you ....................miss
  I know we get to see each other in person too.
  Hope to hear from you soon.
  From : Becky Mcdowel
  Sent : Wednesday, June 7, 2006 12:48 PM
  Subject : Hope you like this pics hunny?
   | | | Inbox
  Hello hunny,
  happy too, to have recieve your reply hunny.just need to go out now.
  I got to plan now hunny. do you want m to come later when you back from you summer or you want me to come over before then?
  Could still creat a chance from my working place now . let me know.
  And aspa the ticket issued. Dont want that to be confussing.
  i still got bout $250 in my credit card ,cos just pay some bills and tax.
  If you can send the rest for me here ,i'l get the ticket and you i'l give you my flight schedule. okay
  let me know before i got to work now
  really wanna see you.
  Just told my mom bout you lastnight.
  Hope you like this pics too hunny.
  let me know..............i need to book for the ticket here in PA........can leave from JFK in NY.......
  Hope to hear from you soonest
  Love you................cant just wai to see you soon

# Date: 2006-06-14

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