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# Name:      Alina Jusupzjanova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kazan

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: Asking for money for everything and anything from visa and tickets, to her grandmother being ill, to herself being ill, her internet connection being cut off, her computer needing to be replaced, an apartment for her grandmother etc etc.

# Date: 2006-06-14
Western Union used on several occassions

Hello my dear XXXXXXX!
Yes, really problem of money stands very sharply.
our correspondence most likely will stop. As you know that I do not have
computer and I use a computer of my neigbour. To her the account on 3000
roubles it about 100 Euros has come and she has hinted me that I have made
it. And I only with you correspond also I think what to send the letter to
you once a day it is not necessary such money, but the truth all over again
I often happened on a site. And all the same likely I owe to her of money.
But in fact I have no them and consequently our correspondence likely will
soon stop ((((((((to Me the truth is very a pity also to me it would not be
desirable to leave you

Yes a package deal which includes the visa, tickets, the passport and the
costs nearby $500. My dear so I never shall leave to the
I so would not like to leave you......
But I should, if will answer soon I shall have time to answer one your

My dear!
Thanks you, you and so to me has very much helped. On your money
I have visited my grandmother and have left to her of money which
have remained that she could buy that that is necessary for her.
Now business for me. I should get a job to earn money. And to rent
the apartment for my grandmother. I learned. One my friends hand
over one not a bad apartment. It is on 2 floor. It is very convenient
for the grandmother as it not so highly and it will be convenient to
it to rise. It even have agreed to hand over to me it for 7 000 roubles.
But asked to pay at once for 2 months. As to them are necessary money I
has told, that I understand them. Also has asked to wait week. Tomorrow
I shall not go for study, and again I shall go to search for work. As soon
as I shall find suitable work. I shall borrow money and I shall return when
I shall receive the salary. I hope that at me it to turn out.
Thanks that you is at me and that you support me. Your love means for me
I have told to the grandmother about you. Also that you have sent me of
that I have arrived to you. The grandmother very much was delighted that I
found the person whom I love also which loves me. She speaks that at me eyes
And as your business. I hope that at you all well

Hello, my XXXXXXX!
Thanks you for your letter!
I have received it just now because I only have
returned from the grandmother. I have left to her
today early in the morning when in the street it was
still dark.
My dear, you the truth wish to present me a computer?
It would be very good, so I could write to you at any time.
After I have now read through your letter, I have called to
one friend, he/she is the guy of my girlfriend he is engaged
in computers. He has told, that will pick up to me a computer
and also all itself will come will connect, will establish the
Internet. All this will be there are 23 500 roubles, it
approximately 840 $.
My neigbour leaves for Monday. I so experience, that today did not
begin to remain to spend the night with the grandmother so knew
that you will wait for my letter.
As I love you.
My dear, I have told that I shall arrive only in a month or two, I
shall sharpen that my study just will end in one and a half month.
And then there will be predegree time and at this time I shall arrive to
You were upset?
Please favourite be not upset! I love you more lives!!!

Hello mine the beloved!
Four days it so is not enough!!!!
Give we shall act so.
You will help me with money for a package deal. And money for free money
I shall try to find itself. The package deal costs from 480-600 $. That is
you will help me with this money. And 500 $ I shall try to find. There can
be I again shall borrow this money and as gradually I them shall give that.
As you think. But if want I can arrive for 5 days, but it so is not enough
for loving hearts!!!
I have counted, if for 5 days that it leaves approximately 300 $ on a
deal and 300 $ on free money. Write to me as it will be better and inform
So the package deal needs to be made out more likely. I love you my dear.

Hello my love!
ONLY today to me hardly it became easier. But I am all the same very bad.
Voices and are not present. But the temperature slept. Doctors speak that if
to not perform operation that a voice can and not appear. To me will delete
I worry. I do not know what decision to me to accept. And that you think in
this occasion.
Operation costs 12 500 roubles. It likely 450 $.
They are good doctors and good hospital. Three days after operation I shall
be there. And all inclusive in this sum. I did not eat about one week. I
live only on vitamins which doctors prick to me. I have grown thin already
for 4 kg.
Doctors speak, that if I can pay for operation that they can already make it
on Saturday.
I do not know that to me to do.
My girlfriend Olga which all these days did not depart from me, tried to
agree in hospital where do free-of-charge operations, but to {her there have
told that at them strict turn.
I in despair and me am bad. I somehow reach a computer to write to you the
I love you
Write to me so soon as you can

I spent this money for official registration of papers and
I do not have them now.
I too wish to arrive very much to you and I every night to cry
because of that that you not with me.
You should understand that money it is necessary for me to show
only this money and I shall not spend them. If you want that
I came then find to me 500
Pounds for 10 days or 1000 for 20 days. I shall not spend this money.
Only I shall show them
On customs also I shall give you at once to the airport.
Write to me more likely.
I trust that you present the man and will quickly find this money for me.
Write to me soon. Your Alina.

Hello dear XXXXXXX.
That has written thanks me. I too very much wait this weekend to have some
Unfortunately here bad weather and I shall not walk in park probably.
I very much like it to do, but to me becomes sad,
that I cannot hold you for a hand.
I asked you about the sum of 500 pounds which is necessary for me for trip
to you.
I thought that you remember it because you spoke that have no the sufficient
I hope that your day was today well and you do not sleep now and will read
my letter.
I am very much tired and I shall go to bed soon. I very much get tired,
when weather cloudy. I very much love you.
Write to me soon.
Yours Alina.

Hello dearest XXXXXXX.
You are right, 60 pounds on customs house are necessary for me now.
I did not plan though, that I will need to be in Moscow so for a long time
and consequently
I absolutely do not have money to hotel.
Some days in hotel because I do not want to have a problem with
police will be very good to live these. I need 90-100 pounds.
Please send it that all was good.
Now I have paid hotel from that money which you sent before.
I hope you all you understand and you do not take offence at me.
I now think only of you and about our life in the future. I very much love
I very much wait for the letter from you.
I shall write to you tomorrow.
Yours Alina.

Hello dearest XXXXXXX.
I have received the visa and air tickets, it for June, 13. I shall
arrive to airport Heatrow, 7:20 pm on your time. flight number - LX
454. Return flight to June, 27, thus I shall be with you of 2 weeks.
There is one problem though also very serious.
The government of England has entered a rule for tourists visitors in
from other countries. Now it is necessary for each tourist to have free
at a rate of 40 pounds on every day. This money is necessary for showing,
when you sit aboard the plane.
This money does not need to be spent and it is necessary to show only,
that you are capable to provide yourself in England.
I do not know that to me to do and very sad now.
Tell to me where me to take this money. I very much hoped that we shall
together soon,
but again there is a problem. I very much hope that we can overcome this
last barrier.
I need to leave now because the Internet of cafe is closed,
but I shall write to you tomorrow in the morning.
I very much love you and I want to be only with you.
Yours Alina.

This does not include all the letters trying to play on my conscience etc

There are a lot from her because I have been corresponding with her for 6
months now (which is why I thought she wasn't a scammer). I have sent her
money in the past, but I am now convinced that she is a scammer, hence I
would like to stop her at her little game and make/force her earn money
honestly like the rest of us have to, once she is a known scammer.

I sent some photos via your system but they muct not have got to you for
some reason. I have attached some to this email.



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