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# Name:      Ekaterina Lavrinova

# E-mail:

# Address:  RUSSIA , Vladivostok

# Seen at:   I was directly contacted by this scammer.

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: After the fifht mail, she absolutely wanted to visit me but she needed money. she told me that she went to the tourist agency and they asked her 1400 euros. As she couldn't pay, I should be so great and transfer her the money directly on her account (what I haven't done).

# First reported: Mercier Jean-Philippe
# Date: 2006-02-21
First, this girl told me that she was working in the hospital but couldn't phone me. She was living alone with her mother in a small flat and my profile published pleased her. With every mail, she sent me a photograph and I was very found of her. After the fifth mail, she asked me for the money (for the valentine's day). I answered her that I found a cheaper flight ticket (700 euros instead 1400 euros she asked me). She should send me a copy of her passport in order to prepare the visas and the administrative papers. No way, she answered once that she would burn for me and waited for my money to get a flight.
I can put more informations on her:
She said she was working on the administration of the city hospital.
She had 2 mail address:
I found her on some black lists, but much more later as my small "experience".
She seems to speak only french but I doubt that she really learn it once. It seemed for me that it was an automatic translator.

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