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Comment from Anonymous

Good one Brandon. I correspsonded with her for about six weeks before she hit me up for airfare. Except I received a total of 15 pictures. Aren't I the lucky one! Same visa with different dates though. I am started to see her pop up on other scam sites and see someone even attempting sending flowers to address she provides.
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Comment from Anonymous

Hey guys I sent her $635.00 and she showed up at airport!! we are currentley engaged... sorry guys!! JUST KIDDING GUYS SHE IS A BIG SCAM SEND HER BACK TO DEGTYARSK IF YOU SEE HER!!!
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Comment from Anonymous

funny im currently playing along with her right now hasn't asked for $$ but its comming.this is what happens with new found freedom,beauty,and the mob!!hey thats a great title for a tv safe people!!
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Comment from Brandon

This chick almost got me also; however, I was always a bit skeptical because her letters often seemed impersonal or generic. After finding her on this site I decided to play along with her and pretend that I am sending her the money (Iím not of course). I sent her the following email: Hi Anna, It's nice to hear from you again. It will be no problem sending you as much money as you need. First, I would like for you to give me a call at 803-513-8178. If you need extra money for other travel expense we can discuss that also. Maybe new clothes or whatever you would like. Try to call me tomorrow and I will send money as soon as we talk. When we talk you can let me know if you need additional money. Fortunately, I have much extra money at this time in my life and would love to help you with this situation. I'll talk to you soon! Brandon Oh well, Iím glad I never believed this girl. I guess this could have been a huge let down! Thanks guys for getting the out. Brandon
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