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Comment from Chris

Yes, she also goes by Elena Novtsova....she will ask for airfare and visa money as well as the 100 dollars a day scam. I have many many pictures of her that she sent to me over the 4 months of our correspondence. I have sent the pics and they should be showing up here soon. DO NOT believe anything she says.
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Comment from Anonymous

I have also been in contact with this woman for about 3 weeks. While she has not asked me for any money yet, there have been several times in which she has stated her desire for us to be together and her love for me. Being a New Yorker of course I believed none of it but continued to correspond with her. On a whim moments ago, I googled her email address and arrived here, not to my surprise I might add. I will not post my name as I intend to let her continue to think she has me fooled, and wait for her to attempt her game again, then we shall see what happens, very likely she will not be heard from again. If there is anyone who knows how we can possibly stop this please respond to this post as I will monitor it regularly now.
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Comment from TJ

Also goes by Elena Novtsova. See excerpt below. My full name: Elena Novtsova My address: Russia, Saratov, Rahova Street 21, Ap.17. As in bank to me have told that you should give me number MTSN that I could receive money. I hope that you can send money today and I really believe that we can already meet on January, 10!!! I very much wait our meeting. My dear, I love you and I very much want to be with you. Now I shall finish my letter and I shall go home. But I hope that you will write to me very soon.
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Comment from TJ

I can confirm this. I have a bunch of pictures of this girl. Seeks $ for visa and tickets. I didn't give her a cent.
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