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Comment from Anonymous

G'day Phil, Ummmmnot sure IF she was going to try to scam you.They only earn about A$75 a month!! It is usually cool to offer to pay their airfare from this end,so no money goes to her. The cost of the visa, you can offer to reimburse upon her actual arrival.IF she is serious,she will accept. IF she suggests otherwise...head for the hills !! Seems she believes you have blotted her honour,judging by the tone of her letter. Don't know who is right and wrong here,cobber,but often things are not what they seem....but caution is wise,of course. Maybe not the coolest thing to do,post her here,until the attempted scam is clearly evident. Better luck with your next sortee. Aussie
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Comment from Phil H

Elena has recently sent me this email. "Hello Phil. I at all do not know what bad word to name you. Because you the awful person. You did not know me and you have told that I scammer! At you mind is in general. I do not know as you will make it, but you should clean me from I do not know your motives to place me there. But it is very bad that you have made it. I did not ask you to send me money. It was your initiative to pay. But if you did not want to do what for by all to speak about it? I did not write to you because you not the serious person, you the vermin. I should find the life. I shall make it. But I never shall forgive to you of it and you will remember me all stayed life. If to tell fairly, you simply the vermin."
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