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Comment from Robert

This is a note I received today that I am psnoitg for Bill: Dear Jim, This letter is way over due but here you go anyway. I purchased my from you several months ago hoping that I would find a system that truely could deliver great water consistantly with very little maintenence and infrequent filter changing. After several months of maintenance free water from your machine and the many other machines I tried previous to purchasing your system I am extremely satisfied that I spent my money very wisely on the purchase of your system. It is by far the best water system on the market and being that it is a whole house water purification system it has eliminated extra costs on additional systems for showers, laundry and other needs for pure water throughout my home. I drink approx 1 gallon of water from your water filtration system with the daily and it is by far the best tasting water that I have found. I recently took a 5 day trip to South New Jersey to visit my parents and took along a portable water filter system and my portable Grander energizer board for my water. Unfortunately in transport the filter cartridge broke and I was not able to filter my water. (I know it wasn't water from your system but it has been the best alternative to your system for traveling. I searched the health food stores in South Jersey to try to duplicate the quality of water that I get from your system and was not able to come close. I had a feeling of bloating and I could tell that I was not hydrating my cells like I do with your water especially after I have energized it with my Grander board.The first thing I did when I got home was to drink some water that had been filtered through your system. I can't say enough about the quality and pureness of the water from your six stage custom reverse osmosis system and would rate it 5 Stars for excellance and ease of maintenance. I was even able to install this system myself which saved me a installation fee from a plumber. My health and what I put into my body to sustain my life and to nourish me is of utmost importance to me since I totally changed my eating habits and became a lover of raw and live foods. Since the only beverage I drink is water and herb teas made with your water the quality of my water is paramount. I now sleep without any joint pain, I can run with my Grand Kids for hours on end I have consistanly maitained my 110 lb weight loss (for 4 years now) and I have never ending energy and a great positive attitude. I thank you with my whole heart for providing me with a that delivers the quality of water unsurpassed by any other system that I have ever purchased or have ever drunk water from. Thank you so very much Jim and I would recommend your whole house and kitchen system to all that would ask my opinion. I wish you continued success in your business.Respectfully, Bill McLeish Quantum Health Solutions Atlanta, GA
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Comment from Tata

he has an affiliate link in the post. Although hianvg the FTC come after a dog would be funny the fine would still make it's way back to ME! We do NOT hide our affiliate links. If anyone puts the curser over the Anchor Text they see the raw link is going off site & has a number associated. Guess to many people may not understand how URL's are designed. After watching this topic, I think the FTC will stay out of most bloggers way unless the blogger gets complaints (that are valid). They also seem more worried about Testimonials than anything. Maybe I could start a new service writing bad' testimonials. That way a person could look more valid if they had a not to damaging' complaint along side of their Rave Reviews.
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Comment from mikika23
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