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Comment from Vanessa

What a very good post!Once again, I have to agree with you Norbert. Personally I feel the need to use two screens, just becasue I feel like I can absorb more information that way or even multitask better.I think brands need to understand this behavior and definitely offer better and more complete information about what is being shown, going beyond the expected information.
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Comment from Ezsike

I love the polka dots, the sapphire dress, and the yeollw dress with the black shoes in the last picture. I have already done the whole hanger thing in my hair, she's so behind the times. Except I was looking for shoes in my old small closet, and John had to surgically remove the hanger with barber scissors from my nappy curly head!Love you, Mwah! I sent you linky love again today!
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Comment from

Hello! Norbert, 60J.174g.ca76kg. , I'm from Germany (Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia) , I can only head the German language. If you are willing to come to me, then please write to me openly and honestly. During long correspondence I have not interested. There are only two possibilities, either you learn to know them personally or have it, everything else is useless. Please write me with your mail address ok, thank you. Otherwise I can not answer ok you head. E. Email: ( Skype: Norbert00056 Norbert Kiss.
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