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Comment from Fernando

Hahah :) Well, it's better than ginettg phosphorous in your eyes. Apparently in Northern Ireland, during the height of the asshattery, the police/army would put dye in the water cannons so it'd be easy to pick up the troublemakers even if they ran away.Personally, I'd have put amoebic dysentery in it so they'd be on the loo for the next fortnight and keeping out of trouble.
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Comment from Jerry

realy cool guys. i want an autograph from one of the ww2 vreetans who sings all day long how gloriously he kicked our ancestors out of his country.It seems that everything worked out so far and you got the tickets you wanted. Stay awesome and keep on going through new worlds and never forget to cuddle Russian mommies for your personal luck.ahoi and greetz to michel and I-don-t-know-her-name-anymore ues
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Comment from Al from CA-USA

This girl seems familiar to a Maria from Tomsk as casual2013@yandex. But none of same pictures she sent me so far. Yes she want money for Visa at Moscow. Wont send me any Identification. Do not send money. Other option is you go to her city but she may not be there when you get there. And that cost you money also.
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Comment from dgarekel

May also be known as Marina Knrouschewa. From Novosergievka city. emails - and-
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