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Comment from Belle

Hey, sutlbe must be your middle name. Great post!
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Comment from Bertie

Many many qulaity points there.
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Comment from Tom

s.o.e, fuzz not got get them yet.And if that glass was not bullet proof that poor lady would now be headless and dead by now.Those c**TS should be barbaqued.Its the good doers here and in uk, and across europe, and mayby in usa, who are adding to this problem??. Over here when they are lock up, they get educated,with keep fit classes, plasma screen tv, 4 course meals per day(and they do not have to worry about mosquitos) and if they are good"boys" will get a reduction in their sentence of 25%, Bastards cant loose ??It would not happen in china,(where they would vanish) russia. or indeed Ghana.I just "lOVE" the ghana cops and their lovely shiny sparkling new batons and their size 9 boots.Especially made for scamming sc****gs.I bow to that wonderful police force.??Wish to christ we had it here???
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Comment from Special Operations Executive

Holy shit Tom, close call, hope you bought a lottery ticket :) Did the local fuzz catch the crims? One things for sure, if there was no bullet proof glass the girl would have been dead. Bunch of cunts.Need to be locked up & key thrown away - or deported if applicable.
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Comment from Tom

Hi Forrest , so did i but so much drugs and guns here of late and it is said most of the crime is drugs related.Last year on out west coast they discovered about 250 million euros of coke that was being brought in from Columbia which was destined mainly for europe.And what really happened was the dinky or small boat that was transferring the drugs to shore capsized in the waves, because someone put petrol into a diesel engine and it stalled in the heavy seas. I do know that one of the drug pushers drowned and the rest were caught and got about 20 years in the slammer.The bales of drugs were floating about like bales of cotton along the saeshore?A few years ago this sort of thing was very rare??.Good to see you and hope you are keeping well.
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Comment from Forrest

I thought you lived in a safe neighborhood, Tom. :P
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Comment from Tom

Hey folks, i came close to my maker today. I went into the bank here to get some money and two little s*****gs came in with 2 sawn off shotguns demanding money.When the girl would not hand it over they fired 2 shots at her, but luckly the bulletproof glass saved her.The smell of cordite(not sure if that is the right word) was very strong , but the smell of s**t was even stronger.There is no difference between those robbers and the scammers on this site.Gee just emagine this site could be in mourning for me now lol.I can hear the banter coming here on this one ??
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