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Comment from Franco

People can be careless if they don't relaly use stuff much. I'm guilty of this but now that I'm using my Twitter, I don't think I will fall into the same trap again. That said, it's quite nice of you to inform people when these things happen to them.
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Comment from Daniela

This unfortunately is a cmoomn problem. I know of people who have fallen for it and I am sure it will happen again in future. Articles like this can help reduce the instances so thanks for highlighting it.Please check out my article:
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Comment from Kanako

when looking for an aptenmrat on www.expatriates.comThis is the e-mail I received: Hi,thanks for your response and interest......The aptenmrat has 2 nice roomsand kitchen,it also has a living room and 2 bathrooms.A room is 350eurowith deposit of 600euro.While the whole aptenmrat is 750euro with deposit of1000euro.It is in Hague center.The address is Molenstraat 13 2513 The HagueNetherlands which is about 8 minutes to Voorbug and few minutes toICTY.The aptenmrat has thefollowing facilities:Wirelessinternet facilities,Phone,Microwave,washingmachine,Dryer,Refrigerator,bathroom, toilet, lounge/livingroom,kitchen, utility room, front and rear garden you rent it from mefullyfurnished.Send me an email if you are interested.We are planning our wedding by May-June so i am with my BF here inScotland so that is why the rooms are available.So pictures availableupon request.My number is +447 031 899 713
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Comment from Dameon

Smart scammer - got you to send gifts and invited you to meet her and then doesn't show up. (New approach) Hopefully after you realized what was happening, you stayed and enjoyed your vacation anyway.
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