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Comment from Silve

hello there, i just found your comment to me over on fernmaiian. you actually already have a link to the organization i work for under those who help . i work for CAST. good work here on your blog, i am going to link to it from my own blog. and don't be discouraged, there are places to find fair trade coffee in los angeles, several places sell it side by side with inhumanely produced coffee, which seems ironic to me, but at least its available, its a start!
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Comment from King

That's a nice looking video, fun to watch but the Ghana ntaaonil team? That seems almost impossible it looks much more like your typical Chicago men's league game between immigrant teams (which fairly regularly inlcude players telling you, dubiously, that they once played for their ntaaonil team). The clues include the fairly pedestrian touches on the ball, the rotund fellow refereeing the game in a giagantic baggy t-shirt, the general lack of pace/grace, and the simple unlikelyhood that the Black Stars would train on a public park rec field in the middle of Chicago.I like it as a piece of video art, but is he seriously claiming that was the Ghanaian ntaaonil team?
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Comment from Gary

Wow! That's going to be awesome Bobby! I relaly hope that we can help you in any way we can!Question: Do you know if spanish subtitles will be able? Can we, spanish speaking preachers, help in some way about that? Just let us know!God bless you all! :)
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Comment from grass boss 76549

Tell me again Pave that your not a scammer, Your pics are all over many scam sites.
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Comment from David

This person claimed to live in Nuuk, Greenland. He/she used the name Dorcas Smith and went on holiday and now, surprise, surprise is on holiday in Ghana. Of within days "she" is without money to buy essentials but still wants to remain in Ghana with her "friend", Mr Asamoah Boateng. You can tell all along from the very Ghanaian English construction and usage.
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Comment from lee new zealand

this person is same as linda thomson jennifar williams stephine melo kris graham vida lomatoy
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