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Comment from Gayor

Jessica Cruz - Awww my little Keyla! She's so adoarble. Petropolis was one of my favorites too, so beautiful, breathtaking. So hard to capture the beauty on camera. Remember our ride up with the taxi guy, we were all dancing and singing english top 40 songs! Leticia knew every word ahah
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Comment from Keyla

the engraving makes a BIG dnerffeice and paypal should recognize this but as always they fall short of their protections they offer. If I was you I would try contacting the seller and ask that he refunds you the money if you return the iPad. If he is not willing to work with you then tell him you will file a chargeback. And if he still isn't willing to issue you a refund go a head and file that charge back and you should get your money back.
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Comment from Markmj

I am very aware of I've reclntey bought a FABULOUS LV suitcase and I was just in heaven looking at it and smiling at the fact that I didn't spend even $300 for it let alone $1,000 ITS BEAUTIFUL AND REAL LEATHER it's so close to the real deal that I just really couldn't help grinning and chanting Louis Vuitton like a crazed woman. My sons were just looking at me questionably and would turn their heads back to their TV show until the next chant
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