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Comment from Azman

I love this post! It is so true, too. If I could go back to my 16 year old self I'd tell myself, get used to those cows you're afriad of since Alpha Hubby loves them so much (smile). I'd also say, Ignore those other guys. They are worthless and wouldn't know what love is much less faithfulness, so quit compromising. Oh yeah and, IGNORE YOUR PARENTS.
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Comment from San Francisco

Yuliya Lunova "Lolita" is for real. Check agencies wet sites in Kiev. She has met so many men form USA and other countries... She likes to ask for money be sent via Western Union. She claim to be hot, serious and clever...Imagine that! A total scam. She has real picture, that how smart she is.
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Comment from Svetlana Sholka

Girls from Krivoy Rog are very stupid!!! They are sluts and desperate for food, like dogs Yuliya Lunova and her family used to fix all soviet trucks and dig for ore in the mines!
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Comment from Dr. Smith

Are the guys doing the scams that stupid to use Denise Milani - like she would not be recognized instantly . Duh - How stupid are they ?
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Comment from michel

stolen photos, it is a porn star. Type big and you will see her on first page. Well known star in USA
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Comment from Godo

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Comment from anon

the model is Denise Milani known for her 40 chest.
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