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Comment from MB

now, she's no danger to anybody. Brandy was killed; aug. 22 in 2012 at her home, in California. due a financial disaster. She became, herself a victim of scammers in Malaysia.
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Comment from Andrea

Sadly my 83 year old mum has just been caught by this scam .. a foregin woman phoned her up from the Windows Technical Department' telling her, that a virus had infected her computer. She was asked to pay a3140 to get it sorted out. She managed to whittle it down to a350, then gave both her visa debit card and Barclay credit card details Not only that, she also agreed to down load some software, to allow their tech guy to solve the problem from his end !!! .. We have now got a PC with an unknown and unwanted software program on it, giving the scammers access to her pc, personal details, bank details etc., . I phoned the company and pretended to believe them .. their details are as follows Tele : 020 302 61927 the address they gve, google shows as a 3 bed semi in London 4 Cardinal Place Central London SW1 1NX My mum is not computer literate, she believed everyword this woman told her She now cannot use her PC until it is sorted out. She is very distressed DONT LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU
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Comment from Canada

pushing on getting email, and day later loves me and wants to come to me, next day asks for money for ticket... good bye LOL
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Comment from wege1

Sure, I got a few pictures of her but no like her . well,she asked me for money for a new computer to make better conetion and now she is ready to fly to me if I will pay her flight ticket!
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Comment from HellHammer

Hi James, Did you receive my email?
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Comment from James

Eddy my friend,go to delphi.Type in 'Evelyn Robert from Lagos,Nigeria' There is a connection!!
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Comment from HellHammer

big one - And the conversation too, really stupid this one!
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Comment from the big one

Quality of this photo says it all Nigerea !!!!!!!!!!!!111
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