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Comment from Sanjib

I wanted to dotnae through the link to Firstgiving but discovered that they are keeping 7.5% which seems like a bit much to me. Still, I think it's great that you posted on this because it got my attention and I will be making a donation somehow.Thanks!Janet
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Comment from Mohammed

i've been looking for the lognset time good luck. theat doesn't exist and if they say they don't then beware more. you won't be able to start unless you put money in. but the sad part is that most of the businesses out there are fraud. you have to absolutey be careful. they just make money off you. you're better off starting something on your own so if you put money down it's for you.
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Comment from Bulungan

if it was me i would start by saying"the golabl warming has change are world".and you ask how let me tell you how.#1 the golabl warming has change the pole's of are world how by the warming is melting of ice ever year by 1" a year and in some case's were it warm it turning cold.we have to do some thing to stop it.we as humans have the God given right to change some thing if it's not right.because if we don't are kids and there kids wont have a place to i ask you what's is the most in-portion thing we need to do.(stop the golabl warming)fine better way's for are fulls we us each year and better way's to make the lives of are children better.there are so many way's to help are self's we just have to get ever one to see it.because we don't we wont have a world.that's how i would start it.give them some thing to talk about for the next week are got to believe in what you are saying to them if you don't then you have wast your time in tell them.get as much of info as you can to prove your point.well i hope that i have open your eye's to what you have to do.your friend fred
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Comment from Wendell

I had a similar experience but her name was Victoria and her email adress is She was interested in large amounts of money but then wanted only $200 reminded me that I had prmised to send her money. Big tip off was the weekend that I was going to Western Union to send her much larger amount because of my love I called her. A little girl came rushing up crying to her mom about something and Victoria had to hang up because she was at her grandmas house and there was a problem. There are other photos of this woman one with a very seductive top, no bra and very nice breast but you can see a wedding ring on her finger.
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Comment from DEFAYS ERIC

maintenant, son adresse mail est elle se fait appeller Anastasiya FILATOVA et vient de YARANSK rue bauman street 6 app42 elle a aussi essay? de me soutirer de l argent pour sortir de la milice a l aeroport
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Comment from Steen Lindblom

She wrote me to my danish profile, were absolute great and we corosponded over a long periode! I feel in love to her and after many Telephonetalks we agreed about a visit to me! She asked me to send her 1500 dollas for ticket and visa! I spooked to my Russian friends and they warned me to send her money! I called her and suggest that she should ask her travelagency to send me her bill! I haven´t heaard anything from her ever since! I am choked! I want with this mail warn my fellowmen who want a beatyful Russian wife! Take out there!!!! P.s She is also known by Olyeska!
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Comment from Eric

This bitch is good. She even called me. But it ended with that she could not get enaugh money for the trip over here. She is also known as Elena, from Khabarovsk (
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Comment from the big one

Roamer - try Anastasiya going back 3 pages - #3541
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Comment from Roamer

I couldn't find anything on this name.......Maybe someone else will have better luck, because she really looks familiar....
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