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Comment from Masu

How can someone take over girl's plifore? It's impossible unless girl will share her login and password with that person. Inactive plifores are automatically removed after a period of time. Jump4love Anti-fraud department regulary checks all ladies, they are monitoring every possible fradulent activity on J4L site.
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Comment from Hugo

First, never ever pay to get a job. Not for registration or mrltaiaes. Scams are easy to find. The real jobs aren't. You need to go to which is a free site that has a directory of legitimate companies that offer jobs to home workers either as direct employees or independent contractors. Depending on your skills and experience, you should be able to find several leads there. Good luck with your search!
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Comment from Andres

I agree with carrying Pepper Spray. Very eefcftive. Police departments worldwide use pepper spray because the inflammatory effects of this agent work on those which cannot feel pain (very important). The inflammatory effects of pepper spray cause eyes to close involuntarily and produce a loss of breath sensation. Pepper spray has been proven eefcftive on deterring and incapacitating aggressive, combative, intoxicated and drug induced individuals for over 20 years.I would NOT carry WASP spray as it is unproven and no human testing has been done on it. Also, it big, bulky, and not easily concealable. Furthermore It's a violation of federal law to use in any manner inconsistent with its label. Stick with Pepper Spray as its a safe and proven option!!!
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Comment from pipl

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Comment from Roamer

That's right Anon, never send money to pictures!!!
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Comment from Anonymous

This woman has told me she is 26. She has sent me over 60 emails and 50 photos. She says she loves you and then wants money to come be with you. Do not send her money!!!!
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