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Comment from ALF

Sorry you were scammed but it is the same old Lena or whatever she is called, probably Boris!! Same old scam from "Lena", different city but the same old scam none the same. Tried it on me, I did put a warning on one of the other 5 or 6 identities she uses, she has been mentioned on this site many times. I do not trust any names they give and I certainly do not trust photo's. Join a proper agency or perhaps it would be wiser to stay single.
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Comment from Dameon

Roamer, again I hate to disagree with you, but the chick in these photos has appeared here numerous times. I have received 5 different scams in the last 3 years with this girls pictures.
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Comment from Roamer

This is a different lady using a popular scammers name...Probably another stolen pic from Boris.....Go to pages 1753 & 2150, those are her related pages...Clearly looks like a different womans pics, even though the other pics are very common on other blacklists...Try and google her name and you will see many entries of real ladies who share the same name....
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