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Comment from Russell

Is it just me because she isn't even attractive! She has a rear end like an Oldsmobile. I could walk down the mall anytime and find a hundred women more attractive in five minutes. Gee if she ripped you off I think you should get new glasses or get a seeing eye dog... better still put a collar on her and you can kill two birds with one stone.
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Comment from

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Comment from ismail

Oh!, god, You are very beautifullI want to recognize you
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Comment from Anonymous

Seriously guys... If you think a woman who looks like this can't come up with the cash deserve to get screwed over.
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Comment from Dr. David B., Colorado Springs

I have also seen this woman in, I believe. Weeks ago I printed her profile, but it is in a stack somewhere in the house as I have not had to time to write letters. I appreciate the knowledge. This gentleman's story is sincere and tragic. He is not the only story like this, almost to the detail. Some of these women, I know from personal experience, are very good, academy award winners and their winsome ways can trap the best of us, at least for awhile. Best wishes, sir.
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