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Comment from Lasse

Shes still very much active, sowed a LOT of distrust between me and my ex, mailing her she were goin to have my baby and all kinda crap.
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Comment from donal

is anyone real anymore??? Money grabbers n Scammers
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Comment from Alfred E. Newman

She's a "Limey" scammer????
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Comment from Forrest

"Becky's" Yahoo account was opened 3 January 2007.
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Comment from Wayne

Dameon, I was telling Michael that I loved him too so that he would send me money. hehehe Have a good trip my friend.
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Comment from Dameon

Wayne - you are falling in love with the girls of Focus Hawaii - you are such a scoundrel!
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Comment from Wayne

I love you too. Please send me some money. hehehe
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