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Comment from marius van der Werff

Watch Oute SHE IS STILL WORKING ATENCION UNA MUJER MUCHO TERIBLOS HALO es ist eine frau sher slecht Atencion elle es une femme tres mai tres fatale
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Comment from Henry

hola preciosa escribeme
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Comment from Roamer

I think that it's because they are coming up with the idea to use real names instead of made up ones..Or else they might be checking out the names too, just to make sure there is nothing bad about them on google...It's a possibility, I guess.....
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Comment from ~Black Panther~

Roamer have you notice lately that when you google a name that is attached to the proifile.That it comes up with no documents...humm! I wonder why? I do believe these bastards are pulling a quick one over us.I think whats happening in some of these cases is they are expanding their operation and recruiting new ones and paying them to pick up the money and to use their name.Knowing that name is not listed on any blacklist Yet!! Goes to proof that they are watching and doing something about it.They are clever,but still a bunch of knuckleheads.
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