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Comment from Tania

I just wanted to floolw up with my experience. I decided to cancel my service with While I did get site traffic and inquires from I decided to put my advertising dollars into more direct advertising since my business is better represented via direct referral and face to face networking. I'm investing in some nice business cards and print material.I sent an email and then I called since I had some time. I waited for quite some time on hold., about 5 or six minutes. That's not too unusual given the size of the company. Actually, I called Rogers the same day and my wait was at least twice as long. The person I spoke to was friendly, they did their best to go over the details of my ad and to offer suggestions on how to improve it. They weren't pushy about it and they actually had some really good suggestions. Still, I declined and was then transfered to someone else who asked me about my business and then offered to reduce my price. They also offered an additional city I'm guessing this is their retention department. When I refused the offer, she reminded me of the 30 day policy and that I was liable. I told her that I was calling 30 days before my contract expired and that I wasn't liable for anything additional after that. She agreed and noted the account. She then cancelled my service. Apparently, my listing will still be on the site, but without a paid listing I lose a lot of benefits like Google visibility and search visibility on Still, if someone searches for my actually business name, I will show up in the search, so that's neat and serves my purpose.I also got a response from my email, but it was a few days later.Overall, a good experience. No problems setting up or cancelling. No unauthorized charges on my card. While wasn't for me, I can see being quite useful if people aren't aware of your business. The fact that someone can just search for your services and find you is very impressive. Right now, unpaid, someone has to be searching for my exact business name for my listing to pop up in their search. Advertising is hit or miss and you tend to get out of it what you put in. If you are looking to cast a broad net and reach a big audience, I would recommend If you are a micro business who has a select and regular clientele why are you advertising in the first place?
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Comment from Leonardo

I am also Canadian so don't have access. However a few laieds have stated that they own Kijiji and I was able to find and by a great Zooper stroller on there while visiting family in Toronto this summer!Interestingly Kijiji isn't as popular as Kijiji in Ontario, so often find more on Craiglist out here in BC.I am currently on the search for a used metal superyard and a soft tent doghouse. Don't know if I'd drive to Washington State to take advantage of the ebay site, but hmmm you never know a weekend in Seattle could be fun
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