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Comment from Elmagek

When those sorry f*** s start showing us the poohts of the victims jumping out of the towers again, I may start considering them anything other than scum.Why do I suspect that maybe this is all about trying to get thrown out of their embed positions so they can complain about not being allowed to photograph the real war?
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Comment from Luana

I wrote this post three days ago so yup, I already knew! I think he put his bitdhray on my post where I asked for bitdhrays last year, or he might have mentioned it in passing.
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Comment from Vinn

I have been getting these calls for two weeks, some days are bteetr than other, but it normally happens about 6 times a day.The robot tells me that it is a important message for Mr Adam Curley, and it is from the Commonwealth Bank. I have hung up, but the call back straight away, I have pressed any key, I have pressed one to confirm I am Mr Adam Curley, I have pressed two to say I am NOT Mr Adam Curley, but they just keep ringing me back ALL the freakin time.After the robot called me at 3am on a Sunday morning, did I decide to report this to Comm Bank, but they say there is nothing they can do except inform the fraud department, and that I should join the do not call list Well thanks for keeping your valued customers safe from these scammers!!!Did you guys get rid of this caller, if so, what did you do?
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Comment from gzpucjuljhv

CrKxUy rgfvxqlvasre
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Comment from Juan

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Comment from buddy

her name is Kira dream she is a porn star
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Comment from juangb

no that's the only pic she sent on her first letter, I asked for some others but she never send more.
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Comment from John 42

My god it was just a tease pic.Juan did she send anymore we all want to see more especially buttshots.Excuse me i forgot about my friend Wayne and a few others we need pics of her other assets. Dam she is a cutie this is a new set of pics on me.
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Comment from Steve

She wants to get to know me? Well she knew me when she blew me
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