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Comment from roamer fudd

Wrong Dameon, That's her Confirmation dress.....Virginal white veil...The scammer is confirmed as stupid!!
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Comment from Dameon

John - I think that is her in her communion outfit. Her face in pic #4 looks like that chick from American Pie. The one that played the Russian foreign exchange student.
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Comment from John 42

Well like i said my friend i am sure it is 85 there in West Africa right now ha ha.
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Comment from Black Panther

Manha boa todos! burrrrr!! man that sounds nasty Freddyboy. Just thinking about that cold weather gives me goose bums.Freddyboy! you must just be amaze with the stories they come up with.What are you going to say to her or him when you write back? Well I hope you guys up there stayed warm last night my friends
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Comment from freddyboy

Would you believe she told me her father was east Indian and her mother canadian and they lived in minnesota, but they just happened to be in Africa somewhere and where in a terrible auto accident on the way from the airport..and guess what everybody was killed except her. Now she wants to live with me if I can just pay her hospital bill she will by my side in a few days. You know you would really think they would be able to come up with something a little different once in maybe buying shares in a "hore house" or something fun like that. It's minus 38C out there tonight my don't want to be walking very far I can tell you.
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Comment from John 42

Fred why didnt you just go see her? she was waiting at the alter for you all you would have to do is support the rest of her clan forever!!!!
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