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Comment from Romelito

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Comment from Kristina

I've heard of them as well. If you really want to work fhmmrooe and Christian Values are what you desire, find a company, and there are many of them, that practice the values and have the opportunity that you seek.What are you searching for in an opportunity?
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Comment from Carolina

I am going to have to check this out when I'm not at work. I'm sure you did great. And yes you do laugh a lot. I always tohught it was because when we were together you were just so charmed by my stellar wit that you couldn't help it. I guess not! But, I think it's so much better that you laugh a lot than, say, bitch a lot or whine a lot. Laughing is a good thing!
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Comment from friend

she is now cynthia and and
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Comment from texasandladywrangler

hahahahahahahahahahahah i like that 1
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Comment from A cloudy Morning roamer

Send her the make-up!!!! We wouldn't want to see that she's really an ugly scammer now would we....She probably is an american, because the first thing that she wants is "make-up".....
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