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Comment from Shifu

Thanks you for this.. I have three very close friends over there. They got there just boerfe the Earthquake hit... They went down to visit an orphanage they work with, and are over there with low supplies and water, trying to pick up the pieces... Thank you for drawing attention to this issue and raising awareness.
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Comment from Christiana

My friend, you have just lnaeerd a $2000.00 lesson in life.Unless you can prove a scam has indeed happened, there is little you can do. I would go to the police, tell them what has happened, and see if there is anything that they can do to help you. With you having an active phone number, they might be able to do something. But I think you can pretty much kiss that 2 grand goodbye. . . Was this answer helpful?
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Comment from Dameon

What is with you and watching; Oh Great Furry One!
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Comment from Wombat windowshopping

Who mentioned SEX? I didn't see anything?!Well, I am not allowed anymore, gotta keep the ferret on a leash, but I can watch if anyone is taking up roamers offer.
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Comment from An Uncaged roamer

SEX, Who wants to have Sex with Alena??????
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Comment from ROAMER & SAMANTHA

It all depends how many times she is near when I am on this site.......And I like to keep him inline, because I wouldnt want him writing bad things about me too....Plus he is trying to teach me about catching these male scammers that were recently addressed on one of the evening shows.. It was about these guys from the U.S. that do scams on women and they are making big money off of these poor ladies......So I have got a good teacher,I am really learning alot about what to watch out for as signs....So I am thinking about starting a male scammer site.....
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Comment from Dameon

Ok - I know who NFW is. And Roamer; how many beatings do you get a week from Sam?
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Comment from NFW

Yeaaah baby, all the way up to her arse,ummmm.Hey Samantha, can you hit me a little bit also,por favor.....just to the left a bit, under the shoulder blade...aaah, thats it. Hey ,this is fun :)
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Comment from roamer

I would love to see how far up those legs go.....Fine Legs Indeed.....She got legs and she knows how to use themZZZZZZZTop......Ouch !!Quit hitting me, I gotta stop doin this when You know who is near.......
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Comment from bill AU

ok kev , i traveled quite a bit and no embasy will ussue a visa without a paid return tiket
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