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Comment from Imvu

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Comment from Martha

If you have questions on state law you need the law guide for am best. But you are not going to enjoy rndeiag that and it's not really anything you have to deal with.If it has to do with claims get to know the adjusters working for your company. When you get a friendly one that sounds like they have been around a while start asking questions. I am more than happy to explain things to the agents. If they understand why I do what I do- it makes our working relationship better. Agents have been a huge asset to me and really helped me move a claim along. An agent that does not take the time to get to know the adjuster or the claims process -tends to give well meaning but very wrong advice to the policyholder. This just makes the claim process much harder than it has to be. Most of the agents I have worked with over the years are great and really try to help claims out. But every now and then I get an agent that thinks that the claims dept is the enemy and only out to cheat the customer. They think that making themselves the good guy and the claims dept the bad guy is good customer service. This is the wrong attitude. A seasoned adjuster can be a great source of information for you. You may not always agree with how claims does things or why they do it the way they do but if you take the time to learn the process and understand it you and the adjuster can work together to help the policy holder through a difficult time.
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Comment from Chriss

What a good written arclite! This is very informative and also easy to read. I will looking for more such blog arclites! Btw, do you have or twitter? I recommend it on social bookmarking sites just like as stumble upon! However, thanks for this information.
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Comment from Mark

Yes that is a common letter, you can find many on this site just like it. Now maybe your dad should just give you the
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Comment from massromantic

Yep. Just have your dad go through all the senarios featured on this site and he will be able to spot a scammin ho for miles. Re: "the last letter" from her/him I have read that exact letter somewhere on this site.
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Comment from Forrest

Your father is a very lucky man to have you watching out for him. Tune him into the anti-scam sites. There are many good ones out there, especially this one. Here are some tips he should know about: 1. If she falls in love after a very short time, say 3 e-mails, it's a scam. 2. If she is from Russia or is a white woman living in Africa, be very careful. 3. If her pictures look like a fashion model's, chances are they are and are not of the person writing the letters. 4. Don't fall for translation agency scams. After just a few letters he will get a letter from the "translation agency" stating that the lady's account is in arrears but she wants to continue writing. They will want your father to pay. 5. NEVER, EVER send money. If it's true love, he should at least go visit her to see for himself. It sounds like your dad is lonely and bouncing around after the separation. He's very vulnerable right now, so keep watching over him. He's probably not thinking clearly.
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Comment from Anonymous

No he didn't because I suspected something all along and started reading his emails from her. My mom and dad have only been seperated for 3 months. I thought it was suspicious she NEVER really answered his questions. So I started looking up the Russian women scams... This was the last email he received before I sent her an email from my fathers account saying I contacted the US Embassy in Russia concerning the VISA process but in the letter beloe you will see the asking of money would follow... Hi my dear! I with impatience wait, when I can tell to you HI - personally. Thanks for your letters.Many thanks for your pictures. I like it's.I very much like children, I have no children, but in the future I shall be glad to have children. I would like that kids ran on the house and pleased parents. And when children will grow they will please parents with the successes and to help the parents. I want to have two children of the boy and the girl. It seems to me that it is the biggest pleasure in life. My favourite color as well as at you too dark blue!!!! Mike, my day was very intense and is very tired. I reached in office of agency and signed with them the contract. In conformity with the contract, the agency will prepare me for all documents for travel, to buy for me the ticket. From my city there are no planes to you and consequently I will need to reach to Moscow, and therefrom to you by the plane. My agent needs some information for a route of the plane, inform me dear, your full address (and the nearest airport to you to which I shall arrive) Write all in details... This information is necessary tomorrow that the agent could develop route and to establish all cost of travel. Today i paid to him the first part of money, for the visa and other documents for travel. It was in some times more, than I thought. I planned, that the visa will cost for me about 200 $, but because of difficulties for its reception is was for me 520. dear, it is possible, that to me you will be required the help for payment of other part of cost of travel. I have some money still, and also took some money at my parents, but i think them will not suffice for payment of the second part of cost, for insurance and tickets. It will be known after the agent will develop a route. The second part of cost I should pay by the contract, before to take the visa. I shall inform you Mike, if to be necessary for me the help. I hope, that it will not be a problem for you and I can not worry about it. I informed you all news about promotion of our meeting and now I go to have a rest, I am very tired today. I hope, what I can soon embrace you Mike. I wait for your messages my loovely. My hugs and kisses. Your Albi
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Comment from Forrest

Did your father lose money? If so, he should report it to the agency he sent the money through, his local police, and the embassy.
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