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Comment from Midy

others shop online to save some time. With the inasecre in online shopping comes an inasecre in online scams and fraud. The holiday season is an excellent time for fraudsters to plot scams and take advantage of
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Comment from Agata

When I first saw this title Working with Affiliatestartup | Affiliate Marketing on google I just whent and bkmooark it.I tried in order to subcribe to your RSS Feed but I no longer can do that. Possibly it is website's bugs? Please check, thanks!
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Comment from too smart for her

newest email mar 27 07 boyfriend left her for her girlfriend waahhhh!
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Comment from marty

the pink lady, all 15 pics she sent me...she was wearing pink. lol she tried to scam me to, but she got NOTHING.....i'm sure she's just a model & some guys r running the scam. She is currently using the name Masha, from Cheboksary; Russia. email: Please give her nothing, her & the rest of her scammers r evil. I knew what she was up to, as she never answered any of my questions for the first 3/4 emails....just long bs emails about herself, so i played along for awhile! what a loser she is! lol she found me on lavalife
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Comment from Ed

I think she is now on and email address is
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Comment from Larry

Irina Orlova 18 e-mails and 16 pictures in a months time to get to $530 for visa and passport.said she had some money and relative would help with airfare.said she would stay foe 90 days in case we wanted to get married.mum said it was ok if it ment our happieness.said she was 28.I am 49 she mailed me from dream mates.
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Comment from Scott

Using the name Nadezhda Lekomtsewa, claimed she was a gynecologist for the Ministry of Health in a remote village, after writing me for months she pulled the scam; she has 3 weeks of vacation and has gotten her visa (sent a photo of it), she wants to pay her way because I'm suspicious, but it cost her a lot of money to get her visa and someone broke all the windows out of her place, so she and her friend Elana have pawned all their jewelry and still needs $230 and must have it in 3 days or she will lose the money she put down on the ticket. Took two days to get to Moscow from Taganrog. When she got to Moscow she said she needed $500 because they would not let her leave with out having enough money to support herself and would give it all back to me when she got here. After I sent her the money she told me she was in an accident and would be in the hospital for two week and then would come. Sent another message a couple days later to please keep writing she needed me to keep her spirits up. Haven't heard from her since, that was 13 July 06. Told me she turned 30 July 15th. Nadezhda sent me many pictures, one of her holding a sign that says I miss you Scott and something in Russian that she told me says tender kisses, when she claimed she had no heard from me in two weeks. From that I think she is a real person. Extremely convincing liar..
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Comment from Mick

also calls herself Irina Tolstova, her e-mail was on 19 August,2006 she e-mailed me her new address she was madly in love by the third e-mail
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Comment from James Bond 007

In photo number 4 she is looking at the big pile of money that she scammed from all the guys on the internet... she uses many photos and many different names and e-mail addressess... she wants your credit card details so she can go spending... watch out for this one guys...
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Comment from roamer

nadezda koroleva #1584 and this one are the same......look twins...yea were gullible......
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Comment from NYC

The scammers really like using this one's pix. She has that nice wholesome, girl next door look.
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