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Comment from hisham
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Comment from Anonymous G

Some of the pictures are Billies's ( a British actress)
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Comment from Hercules1944

Oh, this is a new one. Brits do not need a Visa to come to the USA, all they need is a passport. Also, flights to/from the UK range from $500USD to $700USD depending on how you shop airfares. This lady gives the rits a bad name, and I do know lots of Brits.
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Comment from Daniel

The Nigerians are mainly behind this kind of scam & have been doing it for a long time. Just go to their country & you will see that most of them have many of these banking related papers in their pockets, best is to keep away from these people as they are nothing but a bunch of scums.
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Comment from Dameon

Actually, this scam is one of the oldest scams in the world
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Comment from Anonymous

She sent me 8,000.00.I called the cops up and they said it was counterfiet and so did the bank.Best thing to do when u get something like that..RE:travelers cheques etc...etc...etc.Immediately call american express or whoevers name are on them and have them verified..Kinda pissed me off though they were counterfiet told me to keep 3,500.00 for my own self.
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Comment from nick

well there is a new twist on an old scam maybee i should start haveing all my gals send me 4500.00 in good faith money for now on and of course i will send it right back to them
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