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# Name:      Elena Gorlanova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Yoshkar-Ola

# Phone:    ------------------

# Seen at:   IN CYBERCUPIDO.

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: It is ELENA GORLANOVA OLEGOVNA, claims to be professor of ingles in a yoshkar-wave school (I number 69), lives single with her mother and who his father murio in chechenia.pide money for Visa and soon queria the money for the airplane ticket, also requests money to pay the mensualidad of the Internet, soon queria money to buy a shelter or coat, was alli where he cuts and to him pedi to him that was identified with an identity card to absolutely know if he were really existia and I let be written, desaparecio.
  2d report:
  First name: ELENA
  Last name: GORLANOVA
  Country: Russia
  City: Yoshkar-ola
  Found at: cybercupido and adult frend.
  Reported by: the hunter
  3d report:
  First name: Elena
  Last name: Gorlanova
  Country: Russia
  City: Yoshkar-Ola
  Details: Today I have found out, that me can disconnect the Internet.
  You should help me to pay for the Internet. It stands very dearly for me. I pay
  87 dollars per one month.
   I do not have such money. There came to me please 87 DOLLARS.
  In the Internet of cafe have told if I shall not pay the account for one month.
  THEY CAN DISCONNECT ME. And we can not more speak under the Internet.
  I very much am afraid of it. THEY CAN DISCONNECT ME, CAME to ME PLEASE
   Heart yours for Elena
  Reported by: Orlando
  4th report:
  First name: ELENA
  Last name: Gorlanova
  Country: Russia
  City: Yoshkar-Ola
  Details: SHE WANTED MONEY ...
  Thank to you behind a photo. You the very beautiful man.
  You such courageous. With you it will be good. You trust in love from the first
  I want to tell to you, that I do not speak in Spanish. You understand me??? I do
  not know the Spanish
  So I ask you to write to me in English. Write to me the answer in English.
  I am very glad to receive your letter.
  I thought you will not answer my letter. But you have answered. Thanks you for
  your answer.
  My letter not completely clearly to you will be possible.
  I cannot open at once to you.
  But I think that it to not prevent to learn us better.
  I want to write about myself.
  And also I shall send you my photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  She is pleasant to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To me of 26 years.
  I was born on 28 November 1978.
  I live in the house with my mum.
  My father has died 8 years ago. He has gone to serve to the Chechen Republic
  under the contract.
  He was the different soldier, military. Always could protect our family. When I
  was offended at small age by boys.
  I always spoke the father, that me offend. My father always protected and helped
  us with mum difficult minute.
  Well him any more did not begin. And we with mum have remained to live one in
  this world.
  It is huge loss for us.
  Well all will suffice we shall not speak about it. To me and so now it is hurt
  to recollect. That we one with mum.
  I do not want that you asked me about the father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because it
  will be hurt to me to answer your questions.
  Today it is the closest and favourite person for me., it is my mum.
  And already as 8 years of me bring up and to teach in this world one person. SHE
  IS my MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  I have no brothers and sisters, and I have no own children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  I want to have own family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to lift own children.
  I have been given birth also dews in Kirov city.
  My mum already now does not work. She cannot work any more. As already old. In
  the age of.
  And all our charges on residing are taken by me on myself. I pay for all.
  And consequently I was brought up by mum so that I was the independent girl. I
  shall tell about mum in the following letter.
  Now, as I spoke, I shall write about me directly
  As I spoke already, I have been given birth in 1978. Till 6 years I have gone by
  a kindergarten.
  I have gone earlier as my mum spoke, that I the clever girl.
  Since 7 years I started to go from school.
  I studied very good.
  When I have left school with the Red certificate in 1995, and I have left in
  " Vyatskiy the state humanitarian university ".
  Faculty of pedagogics and technique of preschool education and foreign language
  - the English language.
  As I had the fine certificate about my finished school.
  I could study in University free-of-charge.
  In 2000 I have finished studying in university.
  Since that year I work in Kirov in one of schools of city of Kirov. It is school
  School settles down to the address :
  The city of Kirov
  Street of Kirov, 13b.
  My work will be to bring up in children a sound mind. That children became
  Were able to read and write. That they were happy in this life. I also see off
  with them class hours.
  Where I tell it, about different cases in our city. As passes through road.
  My work with children compels me to be more attentive.
  My work with children is more difficult than with adult people.
  And my work is more pleasant me. And I have pleasure, that I can help children.
  Probably the love to children has arrived to me with my age.
  And now I have understood, that children - are our future.
  Therefore I would like to have my own children.
  I shall ask me why I have chosen you?????????????????? Why I shall not find the
  the man in own
  The country?
  I do not know as the answer you. YOU KNOW, THAT the MAN SHOULD HELP the WOMAN.
  My girlfriend, my colleague has suggested me to find acquaintance to the inquiry
  And now I write to you from cafe of the Internet. As I have no own
  It is expensive very much. And I cannot allow this luxury.
  In our country not so many people have personal computers of a house.
  Probably the level of our life does not allow to live so that to give very much.
  No, I do not complain of a bad life in Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I earn
  what to live enough in Russia.
  Well, I shall finish this letter. You reading my letter and if you agree on
  Continue with me acquaintance.
  There can be I can ask to you one question: " YOU WANT TO CONTINUE WITH ME
  CONVERSATION ON THE INTERNET "??????????????????????
  Thanks you THAT YOU COULD LISTEN to me. Thanks you that you are in this world.
  are AFRAID of my LETTERS.
  TELL to me I CAN WRITE to YOU the LETTERS???????????????????????????????
  Russia, Kirov
  27 October 2005
  20:24 minutes
  Yours Elena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Reported by: luis alberto
  5 th report:
  First name: LUDMILA
  Country: Russia
  Details: this woman has several email ( and this robbing by the Internet, becoming to happen through a good woman has much well-taken care of and passes the voice to other agencies, because it is our obligation to denounce them and not to let pass this.
  Reported by: Hunter

# First reported: george
# Date: 2006-01-31