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# Name:      Anna Prokopenko

# Address:  ukraine , kiev

# Phone:    +38(066)027-16-96

# Seen at: ID 3728582

# Dangerous: 21%

# Scam scenarios:   I have known Anna for a few month on At first she was very cute and I travel to kiev to meet with her, but when i arrive she all of a sudden only want to use her agency translator who cost 30usd pr hour. I said no thank y

# Details: I have known Anna for a few month on dream-marriage.comrnrnAt first she was very cute and I travel to kiev to meet with her, but when i arrive she all of a sudden only want to use her agency translator who cost 30usd pr hour. rnI said no thank you and suggested to use my own independent translator from an independent ukraine translator firm that cost me 10 usd pr hour instead.rnThen the girl did not want to meet me.rnrnReason why I said no to translator for 30usd pr hour is that is extremly unrealistic price, and i suspect a girl/translator/agency scam where they only spend time with me to earn money.rn( a ukraine doctor earn about 300usd in one month, so a translator need 30usd pr hour is very unrealistic ).rnrnWell i travel home and continue our corrospondance.rnTo make the story short we speak for 1 month and then i again talk about i want to come to kiev in 1?? month from now and want to use my own translator and meet her.rnrnThen she tell me in her letter that she never want to meet me without her special agency translator who cost 30usd pr hour, and that I will never be able to be alone with her all the way from dating to the day we stand in church and get married.rnrnWith other words the 30usd translator always have to be there so SOMEONE can earn money.rnrnAgain I told her no thank you and we keep talking a little but now her personaly change totaly in letters.rnShe now sit online 24 houres pr day on the website, and also show up on other dating website.rnIn her letters she no longer sound like her self, and her letters change from 1-2 a4 long letters to short letters.rnShe also start sending me 2 letters everytime i write her a letter, and one of them is always a video letter that cost 20 credits. And by the way she have now been online for 1?? month 24/7 though i even informed her that she maybe need to be aware if she forgot to logout somewhere.rnrnI can understand Annas family is very rich and she is very spoiled. That is also why she during corrospondance told me that she dont want to pay anything in a realtionship and expect that a man pay everything for her.rnShe dont even want to help pay living costs in a realtionship ect. but just want to go to fancy cafees and clubs and sit there and look pretty.rnSo in a way i think of her as a girl who seek a "sugar daddy" and NOT a real relationship or marriage.rnrnI am convinsed that everybody who talk and date here are just being abused to earn money.!rnrnI have 10 years of experience with internet dating and been to ukraine on/off many times, and well her behaviour is not what I will call common and my alarm bells are ringing.rnrnAll in all, i supspect the girl is a scammer, who are only on the website to earn money, and she and her translator use the ordinary girl/translator scam where they share the money after the date.rnOR she get paid under the table by her local agency to be on dating websites... Just imagine how much money a model like girl is worth to a local agency, translating letters ect ect ect... rnFunny thing is girls have private translators, and not a random translator making it easy to cheat.rnrnI am sorry but everything point in the direction she are looking for a sugar daddy, and want money.

# Date: 2016-12-29