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# Name:      Aleksandra Sudorova

# Address:  Ukraine , Rovno

# Phone:    +38(097)145-55-12

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 17%

# Scam scenarios:   I had long time correspondance with her. I paid for every letter send to her. then I paid to recieve her personal info. then we corresponded little on free service and then she suddenly start to say her work place suddenly blokcked all free s

# Details: I had long time correspondance with her. I paid for every letter send to her. then I paid to recieve her personal info. then we corresponded little on free service and then she suddenly start to say her work place suddenly blokcked all free sercices on her own computer, but not we corresponded on the extreme over priced I went to Ukraine. she told me to meet her in Lviv. when I got to Ukraine. she then ask me to pay her 150 us dollars to meet her, because she dont feel like taking a train to meet me, and start giving all kinds of poor excuses why she suddenly could not take train, and she tell me she have a friend who are willing to drive her to lviv, but it would cost 150 us dollars. thats almost the same prize as if she was taken a cab for more then 450 km! then I contacted the agency dream-marriage about this. they start calling me rude because I did not pay her money! I talked with ALeksandra on free services and she did of course not ask for money on so the agency then say that its my fault for not meeting her! the agancy call me rude when I tell them of possible scam scenarios! when I tell the agancy what has happened they tell me they cany see any scammin behaviour in my correspondance with these women on dream! I paid for several personal info, so I could contact the ladies elsewhere than on this extremely expenssive site! then the site say they cant see other than our correspondance on the site and they stary telling me that it is normal for men to pay for travel. pay for hotel. AND further more pay the ladies on their site when meeting!!! when I metion the international anti scam policies and rules etc. they start avoiding this question and call me rude and tell me to pay everything for women. when I was in Ukraine the women I met(not from they did not want me to buy them anything, they told me how ukraine women are only use to foreign men as sex turist trying to pay everything or them! they actually seemed offened when I tried to buy them a drink! and on they tell you to pay everything for all the ladies! this seem very strange to me! about ALeksandra. when we were not talking to each other after she asked me for money to meet, I noticed that on dream she still almost daily try andchat with me (chat is extremely expenssive it cost more than 1 or 2 dollars for one minutte!) so she tell me she dont want to meet her because I refuse to pay her 150 us dollars, and she still try and use the most expenssive feature on dream with me! I contacted the staff of the site about this and they suddenly start to give poor excuses like. well in Ukraine its normal that no lady can afford internet and thats why they only use! I told the staff that ALeksandra is online every single day all day long on both when she is home and when she is at work and when she is in cafe and restaurants etc. but she refuse to use any other free services like mail or skype etc. I asked the staff of this site about it, they start giving all kinds of poor excuses like. well Ukraine women cant use internet and free services etc. when I contact the site about these strange scamming behaviour they say to me that its not a scam because I did not pay Aleksandra money!!!! so it seem to me that do nothing to try and stop scammers, but I can see they are on your list of anti scam dating companies?! when I was in Ukraine. I tried to get to see if any ladies on dream were real. I was in Kiev and asked 5 different women from to meet me etc. they all told me they wanted to, they told me where they work so I could meet them, but when I cam to the places they said they wprked, they were not there and no one knew them! and another lady from I told her I could contact her IF I had any free time to meet while I was in Kiev. she wrote me how happy she was and she wrote e about her option for coming to my country atc. but when I then wrote her that I was in Kiev NOW and could meet her tonight if she had free time to. she then start getting angry that I asked her! so once again no ladies from seem real. they all seem to want gifts and flowers from, but when you are in their city and ask them to meet you, they disapper until you are no longer in their city!

# Date: 2013-06-26