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# Name:      melinda wayne

# E-mail:

# Address:  Spain , Valencia

# Seen at:   The story she gave me from March 2012 through October 2012 is almost identical to the story listed in 4850

# Dangerous: 18%

# Related reports: 4906   5430   

# Scam scenarios:   Melinda Wayne DOB: 4/6/77 UK Passport number 024014244 Current Address: alleged probably bogus however reason to believe that she lives in Valencia, Spain Valencia, Spain Carrer Quart 40 z

# Details: Melinda WaynernDOB: 4/6/ Passport number 024014244 rnCurrent Address: alleged probably bogus however reason to believe that she lives in Valencia, SpainrnValencia, SpainrnCarrer Quart 40 rnzip code: 46008rnSupposedly living at the compound for the Better Life FoundationrnAttended.rnLondon School of Health and Nursing - Cannot find any record of a school by this name.rnPrevious address:rn21 Groove Road rnMitcham Surrey,London Possibly bogusrnCurrently unemployedrnOccupation NursernPrevious employer: Better Life Foundation rn London, UK until 3/13/2012rn Valencia, Spain until about April 30rnResigned after receiving a large award for being best nursernPhone number: unknown but she is thought to have access to a BlackBerryrnEmail: melindawayne@ymail.comrnFriend: Adriane MercerrnAddress Phone unknownrnAunt in London: Sharon Waynern4200 GBP for taxes rnI paid all of thisrnDebt total: 15,750.00 GBPrnI paid: 10,500.00 GBP = 16,370.78 USDrni dont know if i ve ever told you that My friend Adriane back in London gets kinda jealous whenever i start talking about you,rn(the above Adriane lives in Valencia along with several sisters and a brotherrnChurch: blessed kateri - this is a bogus name for a Valencia church in SpainrnAn investigation was done by a detective firm in Spain. rnInvestigation by American Detective Agency:rnThere is strong evidence that Melinda Wayne is not who she claims to be. There is no record of her in the US or the UK. Also, Sharon Wayne appears to be a fictitious individual and while Jude Nzenagu (Melinda??ôs supposed attorney) does exist, there is no record of him being a practicing solicitor, either with the Law Society of England and Wales or Scotland. We could find no trace of a law firm by the name of ???Lamback???. An exhaustive search for the lawsuit described above yieldedyieldedyieldedrnyielded negative results.rnThere are reports from 2011 and 2012 of a ???Melinda Wayne??? in London who claims to have studied nursing, however she is a confirmed ???mail order bride scammer???. See: is reported to have used the same email address as the Subject herein as well as and Melinda Wayne mail order bride scammer provided the below photograph of herself (Figure 1) to another reported victim. We also note the striking similarities in the hand writing on the paper Melinda is holding up in the photo below (enlarged in Figure 2) in Figure 1 and the two receipts you provided to rnrn

# Date: 2012-10-14

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