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# Name:      Natalia Glotova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Severodotensk, 93401

# Phone:     +38-096-315-7302

# Seen at:   fdating...only for two days

# Dangerous: 41%

# Scam scenarios:   Ask for money

# Details: My dear, as for the documents, I will be very thankful if you couldrnassist me with the funds for the passport and visa, that is allrntogether 185 euros, and after that I will see that you want me to bernwith you as much as I want to be with you and even if I can not savernenough for the ticket, I will borrow it, and I will get the ticket forrnmyself, but the first thing and the most important is to start thernpaper procedure, and I told you before that it will take about a mothrnopr 4-5 weeks to have the papers done, and during this time you canrnfind a way to tell about me to your so, honey... I will try my best tornbecome a very good friend to him, I promise, and if he accepts, Irnwould love to be the best mother for him!rnMy dear, I am so dreaming of us drinkingrnmorning coffee in the bed. One morning I will get up earlier and whilernyou will be still sleeping, I ill make you coffee, so hot andrnpassionate and will come up to you, so that its fragrance should wakernyou up?? It would be as tender as your hands, touching my hair and myrnface, and it would be as sweet as your kisses, covering all my body.rnMy dear, have you ever thought about this? I am thinking of itrnconstantly, but I am very sad because I am not sure, when all thisrnwill become true, because there is such a great distance between us,rnand we have to overcome many obstacles to be together, but it makesrnthe relations even more romantic, as while overcoming the difficultiesrnthe feelings become stronger and people just cant imagine the lifernwithout each other, do you agree with me? But on the other hand, therernare so many sayings about this fact, that if the feelings are true, norndistance makes the sense and all the obstacles, no matter how strongrnthey are, will be overcome together, and I am sure that our feelingsrnare strong enough to overcome this?? So, my dear, I will be waiting forrnyour reply with great impatience. Yours devoted and lovingrnNatasha.

# Date: 2012-06-01

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